Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Tabby Cat Club welcomes you to our first Halloween Party. Make yourself at home here and please stay as long as you like. If you would like to bring a few of your friends along with you we always say the more the merrier. We have worked hard to make sure this party is a fun event and we hope you have as much fun being here as we had getting ready . . .
. . . grab a plate and dig into the fantastic fun food, all Halloween favorite snacks  . . .
. . . we have plenty to eat so don't be shy . . .  help yourself to seconds if you like . . .
. . . to help wash the food down we have some drinks for you to choose from, no id required today . . .
. . . and don't forget your sweet tooth . . . I am sure there is something here that would please you . . . 
. . . if you want to exercise some of that food intake away I have a bouncy castle for you to work out in . . . oh, if you notice that church behind the cemetery be sure to go over there because you will find a surprise or two there . . .
. . . I hear that the church and cemetery is haunted but one is safe there as long has the sun has not set . . .
. . . when you finish with the old church and it is still light outside you have to go to the corn maze. Be careful as I have heard stories that there is a headless horseman in the maze. I am going over to the maze shortly and hoping that the story is just make believe. That has to be made up huh? Yes you say, OK I'll head into the maze . . .
 . .  if you made it through the maze alright and didn't get enough scares there then I think the Haunted Castle of Black Forest should be a must stop for you . . . I recommend that you not go alone, take a friend with you. Safety in numbers I always say.
. . . Please stay as long as you would like. As I said earlier that this Halloween Party will continue all the day long until the last furrie is standing. But, if you are having to leave please stop by the party favor table beccause there are some treats there for you to take home with you and . . .
. . . when you leave please stop by the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin for you to take home. There still is time for you to turn it into a jack-o-lanteren.
Hope you all had as much fun here as the TCC had putting on the party. Again thanks for coming.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween! 

Happy Howl-o-ween From Sherlock and Traveler

In (sort of) my witch hat
Pumpkin butt makes an appearance
Wishing every one a happy and safe  Howl-o-ween! Scroll down to Gracie's post for the party. Have fun!
Love, Sherlock (pumpkin butt) And Traveler

Happy Halloween From Clementine & Ben!!

This is our really SCARY Picture!!
And this is our FUN one!!
We Hope everyone is having lots of Halloween fun!!
Clementine & Ben

Socks' Date is Here

And Socks & Samantha are wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween from Socks & Family

Happy Halloween ~Fenris, Scylla & Socks

Happy Halloween from The Florida Furkids

Happy Halloween to all of our Tabby Cat Club pals! We're sharing this JibJab card because it has Angels Sniffie and Tamir in it! We hope your day is filled with all treats and no tricks!!

For some reason our JibJab is overlapping the sidebar....we don't know how to fix it.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween/Fall Contest Winners

The voting is over, the votes are all counted . . . the winners for the 2012 Halloween/Fall Photo Contest are . . .
Real Category ~ Sherlock

Photoshop Category ~ Tommie

A big THANK YOU to everyone that participated in the contest either by entering a photo and voting, you all are winners too!
Reminders~ Don't forget the Halloween Party tomorrow, everyone that is a blogger is invited to join in on the fun. The party lats the whole day long and ends when the last furrie is standing.
There are two new post below this post announcing the winners ~ Grace and Callie.

Happy Fall (we're not in a contest!)

Grace was helping figure out what fall decorations we would use and where! She's a great snoopervisor!

She also had to control her sons ... little butt-in-skis that they are!
First one son (above) and then the other (below). They just can't give their mom any peace!
We decided to use the big wreath on the front door and put the other items on the dining and kitchen tables. Grace is so artsy! She really helps make the right choices!!

Any Hot Mancats Out There?

Kitties - Mommie is thinking about doing a new neat feature on our blog - If there is enough interest, it will be a weekly feature. It is going to be called "The Hot Mancats of the Blogosphere!" Each week one mancat will be given some questions to answer (Mommie got the idea from JFF's Mousebrath interviews). Examples of possible questions would be: What would your ideal ladycat be like? What do you consider your most handsome feature? Describe your perfect date, etc.

If you would like to be a "Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere" contact Mommie at:
loca4gato at gmail dot com
Sassy is very excited about this feature, in fact she already knows of a couple of hot mancats!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Contest~Voting Ends October 29th


Votes after midnight will not be counted
Not eligible for contest voting
~Voting Rules~
The voting polls in the sidebar have been acting mental and dropping votes, so we are removing the voting polls.  Please vote by leaving a comment for your choice for each category in this post(We will check each post for straggler votes, in case you forget.)  We apologize for any inconvenience, but if you voted Friday via the polls in the sidebar, please re-vote.  

There are two categories ~ Real & Photoshop. Click to visit or scroll down.

Real -
1) Abbi
2) Dexter

3) Sherlock
4) Oui Oui - specify which category
5) Derry
6) Clementine - specify which category
7) Socks - has separate category posts

Photoshopped -
1) Oui Oui - specify which category
2) Moosey
3) Tommie
4) Sassy
5) Clementine - specify which category
6) Socks (has separate category posts)

Voting begings Friday, October 26th & ends Monday, October 29th at midnight est

One vote per category
The winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 30th.

Participation Award
Note: If you participated in the 2012 Halloween/Real Photo Contest and haven't received your participation award yet please copy and take with you. The mom mailed them out this morning, the 26th, without having had her wake up juice so I am guessing that she perhaps could have missed someone.
Good luck to all!!
Happy voting

Abbi Is Little Red Riding Hood

Category ~ REAL

Here's Abbi, a.k.a., Little Red Riding Hood, a.k.a., Little Red Riding Silly!  The leaves are falling at our house and blowing around, and Abbi and her friends are going crazy trying to get at those "bugs" and crunch them!  We send all our friends early happy Halloween wishes!

Dexter's Halloween/Fall Photo

Category ~ REAL
Dexter's Halloween/Fall photo.
Hope mom doesn't see me, Dexter, up here. I'll just look cute and if she does see me she might let me stay anyway.

Sherlock the Cat-o-lantern

Category ~ REAL
 Sherlock is a Cat-o-lantern!!!!
                                     The "pump-kitty"!

I can't believe mom actually got me, Sherlock, to
dress up in a real pumpkin!


UnHappy Howl-O-Ween!

Category ~ REAL Pirate Photo
What could possibly make a holiday with door belling ringing, scary pumpkin faces and sticky little beans running around at night worse?  Getting dressed up!

 Please let the whole thing just go away!

 Move just one hand and you won't see me, Oui Oui, for a week.
And no, hanging a blue sheet doesn't make it look like
water and I'm on the deck of a pirate ship!
This photo came out so bad we are
submitting a photoshop version,
so this is just for fun.

This is a much better way to go!

Now where's my treat?

Oui Ouii
Twinkletoe Tails

Moosey's Halloween Costume :)

Category ~ PHOTOSHOP

Happy Halloween everybuddy ... it's me, Moosey!

Dressing up is FUN!  Do you like my costume?

Can you please help me find some good pumpkins?  I am going to make some tasty pumpkin and CATNIP Halloween treats to share with all my Tabby Cat Club pals! :)

Fanks, and big hugs,

"SUPER Chef" Moosey

Happy Tom-O-Weenie!

Category ~ PHOTOSHOP
Tommie here, from Shelter-Cats. Mom has taken pity on me this time and used photoshop instead of actually forcing me into an outfit. It's a treat and a trick! xxoo Tommie

Halloween Contest - Sassy - Photoshopped

Category ~ PHOTOSHOP

Kitties - I, Sassy, am normally a shy and quiet kitty, so in my Halloween fanatsy I am a rough and tough motorcycle gang member.  Hear me meow - I am a biker cat!!

Fuzzy Tales: Derry's Fall Photo

Category ~ REAL
Well, this is the best our human could come up with, a snapshot from the weekend, with Derry out in our little garden and the afternoon sun shining on him, just so.

It doesn't need to be in the contest, since it's not Halloween-related. We just wanted to participate in some small way!  :-)

Real Category

Have a great day, everyone!

Clementine Is a Vampire Kitty & Orange Bug


Here are my two Entries in this week's Tabby Cat Club Halloween Contest!
Real Category

Here I am, Clementine, as a cute Orange bug!! Just ready to Cuddle!! NOT!

Photoshop Category

Here I am as a Vampire Kitty!! Don't I Look really gruesome?
You can Visit me at

Socks Halloween Contest Photoshopped

Category ~ Photoshop
Socks saysBoo!

Socks Halloween Contest Au Natural

Category ~ Real
Socks with the roses and the Candy Corn Cuphea.

Angel Tamir's Halloween pics

Tamir loved the holidays....okay, maybe not the dress up part so much.

One year he was a handsome CowBoyCat!!!

Just for fun....Angel Tamir is NOT in the contest!

Another year he was a FireCat...

Just for fun...Angel Tamir is NOT in the contest

We don't think he liked being a Devil Kitty

Just for fun...Angel Tamir is NOT in the contest

We hope you enjoyed Angel Tamir's Halloween Costume pics.  Even though we're not part of the contest, we enjoyed sharing them!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hey Tabby Cats, please go give your purrs...

If you can, please go to visit Carol, Miss Brandi's mom over at Catitude.  Brandi is very sick and her momma knows she will have to help her to the bridge very soon.   She is so sad and I know she could use much Tabby Cat love right now. 

Sadly,  Dexter

Hi all you wonderfur Tabby Cats. I am new around here. My name is Timmy Tomcat and I am the Top-Cat at the tomcat residence. My brofurs keep me busy trying to keep things in order for my Pops but I will be stopping by to add my Orinch-Tabby Input.

Scary Scary:

I am not ashamed to admit that this here Man-Tabby-Cat has one or two things that skeer me to the tips of my wonderful Orinch Fur!

Furst is loosing a favorite goodie! I have some real special catnip bags that my Pops has given me just fur me, myself and I. Those no-goodnick brofurs sneak in and get them all stinky with their own cat-spit. They hide them too. I have to find them and work them back into shape. 

Furst I have to hunt down where those
dark hearts have hidden my goodies.

Oh My Cat! Yuck! It has Rumpy-Stench
on it!

Gotta work it! Lick it! Clean it!
Work it! Lick it! Clean it!

Ahhh, Priceless! Back to smelling right!
Whew, what a job that was. So lets see now what else did I? Oh yeah... Well I will not even dis-cuss that thing that hides in the back closet. It may clean the rug but when it is out you will not see me around. I'm outta here!
So there are two of my scary things. Being a Man-Cat that's enough don't you think?

A little comment on Tocks:

Once upon a time it was all tail-snapping fun here at the Tomcat home. All that good Dood behavior. Belching. Flatulence Contests. You know, all that stuff. Then we had a young tabby Lady-Cat move in. Well now I guard my Tocks. Even in the thick of it. 
Nuff Said.
Keeping my Tocks Tucked under my Tail!
So you cats and your hoomans have a great week!