Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wut makes you a Scardey Cat?

Hello Tabbies!  Sparky Spitfire here! Are you ready for the spoooooky times? Cuz they is here, you know. Long shadows. Short days. Full moons. Creaky bumpy noises in teh darks of teh nights.  All that great stuffs.

So I asks you - Wut makes you a Scardey Cat?

For me, the answer is nuthin.  But of course, you knew that.  We Ninja Kittehs of teh Night don't has times to be scared. it interferes with the ability to teleport and whatnot.  

Now, my sistah, Upstairs Suzy, on teh other hand, has, shall we say, issues. 

Suzy has been here a lot longer than me, so she must have a good reason to not ever EVER come downstairs, but I has looked and looked for these monsters and small childrens she is so worried about, and I can't find any. 

The peeps has to promise her it's safe so she'll come down to eat.  And when she does, there is always something that makes her shoot straight up in the air, mid gulp of cat food, and race back up stairs.  Like, say:

  • cabinet door opening
  • cabinet door closing
  • yaptastic dog next door
  • newspaper crinkling
  • monster truck rally ads and right-wing talk radio

    Like, the house is not vacuumed simply cuz Mrs. Whatsername is lazy.  That kind of thing sends Suzy into catatonic shock for days.  

    But in general, as long as the house is quiet and no one ever drops a fork or makes popcorn, Suzy is pretty happy.  She is quite fine with her Under Teh Bed space that she occupies 23 hours of teh day.  No shame in that.

    And that's all for our Scaredy Cat Tails, so now it's your turn 
    Mrs. Whatsername is giving me that look.  

    No! No! I is not scared of nuthin, I tells you! No! Don't post that picture! NOOOOOOOOOES...

    Oh! So awful, the Shut Up Box of Trapped Kittens!  gasp! can't BrEEEEEEthes...tiny, enclosed! no moar!!!  

    Oh, Mrs. Whatsername, you are a horrid, horrid woman.

    Okay, yes.  I hates to be locked up.  I freaks out when I am trapped.  Are you happy now?  Like, I can't even watch Maru and his boxes.  That cat is a Freak - or an Evil Genius.  But I is NOT scared o' him.  No. No! Not the Mask, Maru! Don't put the mask on you head, no! Don't Do eeet!

    Oh, Cod. Now I has to climb a tree to clear my head.  In meantimes,

    What makes you a Scardey Cat?


    Fuzzy Tales said...

    Everything scares our Derry-bear. The mom gets a jug of water? Derry runs. The mom picks up a mat to shake out? Derry runs. The mom has laundry and/or bedding in her arm? Derry runs. And heaven help us when there's a knock at the door the doorbell rings!

    Now, Nicki's another matter. About the only thing that scares him is the PTU, the taxi ride and the vet/vet clinic!

    BTW, our mom was supposed to schedule a post for this....We'll see if we can get to do something, but it's tough to motivate her, especially on the weekend.

    Jasper Jazzbones said...

    Only the V.E.T. and halloweenie costumes Moms wants us to wear!!

    Bring on the mousies!!

    FURKIDSMOM said...

    We're pretty brave until the big sucky monster comes out.

    The Florida Furkids

    Molly The Wally said...

    If you didn't see yesterdays post re missing furry friend can you pop by and see if you can help. Anything we can do will be greatly appreciated. Have a happy Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

    GTnCo said...

    I have been known to get spooked by random things and jump straight up but i really hate the sucky monster! I will hiss and try to attack if it gets to close!

    GreatGranny said...

    I hates the ebil vet and the sucky monster and small beans.
    xoxo Kassey

    Anonymous said...

    oh, sucky monster sends Suzy into shocks. she won't come outta closet for days. And small beans...forgots about dem. I just leaves. they is just too too horribles.
    As for Halloweeny costumes...Mrs. W. knows betta, right? I mean...she would neva, eva...I mean...hmmmm...mebbe I betta go hides inna closet wif Suzy...

    The Furries of Whisppy said...

    We hate it when something scares us mid-meal!

    Sherlock, Ash and Traveler said...

    vacoom cleaners and flashy boxes are the scarey ones for sure!

    meowmeowmans said...

    Moosey thinks the doorbell or a knock on the door is scary. And strangers in the house, too. His brother Sammy isn't scared of much at all. :)