Monday, September 30, 2013

100 Member Party Celebration!!!

Gracie & Raz
Graphic by Gracie

We're so excited to have 100 members!! The Tabby Cat Club is the biggest and most active club in the Cat Blogosphere!!

Step up to the bar and have a beverage.  Mixologists Gracie and Raz are ready to make the purrfect meowgarita or niptini for you.
Gracie & Raz
Graphic by Gracie

How about some of our special blend Catnip Vodka?  Remember to drink responsibly!

When you've got your beverage, feel free to head to the buffet.  Aren't the place settings nice????

Sous Chef Raz is learning a lot from Chef Gracie as she prepares the food for our 100 member celebration. 
Graphic by Raz

Raz and Gracie did a great job with the noms......first we have Shrimp Pizza! 

Delicious Ham, sausage and Chick-Hen

Aren't the Tabby Cat Pops cute?   
Graphic by Raz

Of course, any celebration means CAKE!  This tuna flavored cake looks nommy!

Graphic by Raz

 We have lots of activities.....

Don't miss out on the 100 Balloon ride!  Gracie and Raz already have their balloon picked out...

Graphic by Gracie

If you prefer, there are 100 canoes waiting for us.  It looks like Raz, Gracie and Socks are ready to head the canoe parade!

Graphic by Raz

We hope you're having a great time and don't want to leave but, when you do, there is a special teleport tunnel waiting to take you home.

Graphic by Raz

Don't forget your favors. Please take home one of our special Tabby Cat Club cookies, they're delicious!
Graphic by Raz
There are nip cigar favors for the ManCats....
Graphic by Raz
and nip nanners for the Ladycats

Graphic by Raz

Thanks for attending our 100 Member celebration.  We wouldn't be celebrating if it wasn't for the wonderful TCC members!!  You are what makes our club so special! Please remember that this is your club.  You don't have to wait for an event to post.  If you have an event you would like to host, let Raz know and we'll get it on the calendar.  It's easy as catnip pie!  

The Tabby Cat Club celebration wouldn't be complete without a big thank you to Gracie for starting the club!  We're sure happy she did!!! xoxoxo, Raz

ps: And I, Gracie, want to thank all of you for making this the bestest of the best club ever and a special thank you to my right paw director of events, Raz. xoxoxo, Gracie

ppss: The banner is our second group shot and all 1-100 members should be in the photo. It was hard herding all of you in one place. Some of you kept running around and catching all the field mice and bopping them on the heads. So if you were missing when the photo was taken you might have been missed so let me know and I will see that you join the group.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Could It Be?

Wondering ~ Hoping ~ Could It Be~Is It possible?!
Photo by Zoolatry

I have been working away at the Tabby Cat Club, the largest and most active club in the blogosphere, trying to recruit new members because my goal is to reach 100 before your anniversary. I even reached out and have three members out there scouting for tabby kitties to join the club, Willow, Dexter, and Clementine.

The Tabby Cat Club's first post was on 11 November 2011 and our first event was posted on 18 November 2011. Oh, how neat it would be if we could have 100 members in our club to celebrate our second anniversary at the club. I have been hoping that this goal could be reached as I would plan something very special for all the founding members, the first 100 members, of the Tabby Cat Club!

I think about the 100 membership tabbies all the time . . . play time . . . lunch time . . . treat time . . . naptime . . . and at bedtime. We are so close to reaching our goal, needing only two more members . . . how pawsome would that be if we had 100 members in time to celebrate our anniversary?!

. . . I feel it . . . I can tell . . . stop back on the 30th . . . there will be a BIG SURPRISE!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

time to celebrate!

Hey all!  Nissy here...

I published my 200th blog post today and I'm celebrating over on Nerissa's Life.  Yoo-hoo!  YOO-HOO!!!

BRING ON THE NIP!  Not to mention the bling.  Purrs.

Good Morning, Rocky!

Here's a photo of my brother Rocky enjoying his morning sun puddle and welcoming Autumn 2013!



Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Mousebreath Interview!

Kitties!  I was featured in the latest interview by the Funny Farmer Felines on Mousebreath!

 I get to display this on our side bar!

What a thrilling couple days it has been!  We hit 500 posts on Meow Like a Pirate Day and then we were interviewed by the Funny Farmer Felines!  I hope you pop on over to meet my siblings and see what we had to say by clicking here.

If this wasn't enough excitement, I expect to have an intriguing week next week, when we have our very first ever guest.  Its Layla from Cat Wisdom 101 who will be teaching us all about Animal Communication!  Here's everyone's chance to try their hand at helping their furry problem child out.

Oui Oui 

It's My Blogoversary

Today is my 4th Blogoversary. Come on over to my place and celebrate the day quietly. We will have friends, fun, food, drinks, and catch some zzzzzs together.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Silver's Pirate Day

Hey guys! Argh.... Guys!
 Mom decided to put me on this pirate ship for fun! And... Hm.... NOPE! It was scary as hell. So, this is Halloween for humans, huh? And this is fun? I think we have very different definition of fun.

It was so crowded you can barely see where I am. It's like where's Waldo? But Silver version.

Pirate kitty

Alright, I'm outta here! I need to find my kitty furends for Pirate Day! Come see me at the I Love Silver Meow!

Pirate silver meow

Look at my tattoos! Happy Pirate Day! Argh...

Oui Oui Meowin' Like a Pirate

Ahoy me mateys!

Aye, we buckos at TwinkletoeTails have an excitin' announcement!

Arrr, that's right, this be our 500th post!  Ye can blow us down we done so many!  So drop anchor, grab some grub and grog, and purrhaps a saucy wench or two, then here's to being three sheets to the wind.

Dead Eye Julie be grabbin' her cutlass and invites all the scurvy fightin' dogs to join her on the poop deck for some all out mayhem and swashbucklin' fun.  While Jack Tar Carl asks all the poxy salts to meet him on the plank for a little game of chick-hen.

Cap'n Oui Oui be leadin' chanteys and Quartermaster Mica Moo is no where to be found!

Curse that hag, the mom, fer buying a cannon!
Ye best slap chains on me to hold me here, begad!

So fair winds, me hearties and God speed!  It was handsomely done, ye stoppin' by, and thank ye.

Me be purrin'
Oui Oui

Charlie Rascal Meow Like A Pirate

Arrrrrgh !
Skepp Ohoj !
Like we say in Sweden :)

Since the ship me and the Tomcat´s 
was sailing on went aground 

We had to have someone 
to guard the treasure chest.
I felt very honored
they choose me to guard 
the treasure chest.
As you can see there are 
some mighty fine stuff in there !

I think I did a pretty fine 
job , guarding that chest 
Don´t you think ;-)


Ahoy Mates

Sail on over to Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs to read our hair raising pirate tail tale.

Now I am going to go find a deserted island to hang out with my fiancee on.  ~Socks

Arrrrr It Be Pirates Day

Happy Pirates Day
Hope you find your treasure!
Usually I like Pirates Day but really . . . she didn't photo shop my picture! THE MOM DIDN'T PHOTO SHOP! SHE DRESSED ME UP!!!!!! Sorry for yelling I couldn't help myself.  Anyway, I refuse to look at her camera. I'll show her . . .
I will refuse to look at the camera and I will not keep the pirate's hat on! Oh this is so embarrassing.

Meow Like a Pirate Day!!!

 This day I be meowin' like a scurvy pirate! Do I look fierce to ye?  Dont me trusty parrot look tasty?

Angel Tamir was a scurvy pirate too. He 'n his ladycat Gracie had lots 'o adventures.

Photo by Gracie

Photo by Gracie
Have a Nip grog-filled meow like a scurvy pirate day.  We're Meowin' like scurvy pirates on our blog today too.  Click HERE to visit.

Monday, September 16, 2013


See below next to the questions
 the answers they will be in red

* * * Honorable Mention to Silver Meow * * *
First to get 100% correct on her quiz

* * * Congratulations to Moosey * * *
Winner of runner up drawing


Open Book Test ~ Chapters I & II
You do not need to be a member of the club to take the test. Everyone is welcome!!!

* Directions for submitting your quiz are at the end of the test.
Make sure your name is on your test when you email me.
Tests must be submitted to me no later than 9:00 pm Monday night edt


1. Gracie is the _______________ of the Tabby Cat Club   
       a. President 
       b. Organizer
       c. Founder     C
       d. Party Animal
2. Tabitha hosted the first event in which seventeen members participated in 2012 called.
       a. How Big Can You Stretch Your Mouth
       b. Tell Us About Your Dentist
       c. Show Us Your Yawn     C
       d. None of the above

3. Our first club member tabby to run off to the bridge was
       a. Sweet Tamir
       b. Sweet Opus     B
       c. Sweet Captain Jasper
       d. Sweet Joey
4.  The above photo of Tommie, which thirteen tabbie kitties participated, was taken for the "Cats
     In Hats" event.
       False     F

5. The first event at the club was __________ hosted by Gracie, eleven members participated.
     a. Show Us Your Tocks
     b. Sleeping Tabbies
     c. Whisker Wednesday     C
     d. Getting Ready For Santa

6. The 100th post was made by Oui Oui on 14 February 2012 wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s
     True     T

7. The TCC was started so tabby cats __________
     a. could get away from their humans when they wanted to.
     b. hook up and get a date.
     c. have a special place to gather and post.     C
     d. none of the above.

8. The TCC was started in the month of __________ 2011.     November

9. The photo above is the first header to be used at the Tabby Cat Club.
      False     F

10. The last event at the Tabby Cat club in 2011 was __________ with eleven tabbie kitties participating.     Getting Ready For Santa 

A big THANK YOU to those that participated in taking the quiz. You should have all received your Participation Award. If you haven't please let me know and I will find out why.

* To submit your test:
     1. email your answers to me at
         Make sure your name is on your email
     2. Number your paper with your correct answer next to the number.
         Example:    1. The Tabby Cat Club is a place for Blue Russian kitties to hang out at.

                      In your email you would send:    1. False
     3. This will be a pass fail test.
     4. A prize will be awarded for the first one to get the most answers correct.
         The prize will be a favorite toy and my favorite treat that the mom said she would buy.
         There will be a drawing for all the ones that have the most answers as a runner up too.
         Names with the most correct answers too will be put in a drawing for the runner up prize.
     5. Tests will be graded in the order that they are sent to me. 
     6. Tests scores will be posted the following day and the winning kittie will have honorable mention.
     7.  Please DO NOT post your answers in the comments.
     8. The answers will also be posted the following day.
     9. If you have any questions about the test please email me. I will try to keep up with comments if any are needing answering too.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ready For Test Day?

Are you ready for the Tabby Cat Club test tomorrow?
~ Off to School ~
front l-r: Gracie, Raz & Gus the bus driver
back l-r: Willow, Dexter, & Oui Oui
The big talk on the bus today while heading to school was about the first quiz at the club. Tomorrow there will be a test on the Tabby Cat Club History Part I and Part II.
Here is a copy of the study guide that will with tomorrow's test.  It is not sure if the test will be an open book test or closed book. Your input is very important and please say if you would like a closed or open book test. There is a poll thingie on the sidebar in which you can let me know or leave me a comment.
Tomorrow the test will go up along with the directions on completing the test and where to send it to.
There will be a prize for the first one that gets the most answers right.
Teacher is even thinking you could have the choice of closed or open book and offer two prizes.
Good luck tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

She said YES!!!!!!

I asked Samantha (Life from a Cat's Perspective) to marry me and she said Yes!!!!!!! You can read about the proposal here.

Socks from ATCAD

A Natural Pet Company Product Review

Recently we were contacted by the good people at The Natural Pet Company wanting to know if we would like review some of their products, including their 100% All Natural Catnip
A chance to get free 'nip??? Yeah, we could not get Mommy to type the word yes fast enough!!
Callie:  I love this stuff!  Would calling it heaven in a bag be too over the top?  I enjoyed this stuff so much, I decided to do a song about it, even though it is not Friday.  This song was originally sung by The Black Eye Peas called "My Humps" (written by But who cares about a silly ol' human song?  My song is called "My 'Nip!"

What you gon' do with all that ‘nip?
All that ‘nip inside that bag?
 I'ma get, get, get, get, that ‘nip,
Get me some Natural Pet ‘nip.
My ‘nip, my ‘nip, my ’nip,
my ‘nip, my ‘nip,
My ‘nip, my ‘nip, my ‘nip,
my lovely bag of ‘nip (Check it out)
I drive sisfur Sassy crazy,
I do it on the daily,
She treat me really mean………..
Sassy:  Okay, I am going to stop this and give my review before everyone's ears start bleeding.  My review is a little mixed.  While I LOVED this stuff, I do have to consider that it resulted in me having to listen to the Spotted Airhead sing and it is not even Friday.....on the other was some really great chit...oh, well, you know what they say, if you have had some really good nip, you might as well join them!
What you gon' do with all that ‘nip?

All that ‘nip inside that bag?
 I'ma get, get, get, get, that ‘nip,
Get me some Natural Pet ‘nip.
My ‘nip, my ‘nip, my ’nip,
my ‘nip, my ‘nip,
My ‘nip, my ‘nip, my ‘nip,
my lovely bag of ‘nip (Check it out)
To Our new readers, if you would like to check
out other Friday Songs go to here and here.
And to read about some of their adventures
go to here and here.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Exciting News at Our House

Hi Everybuddy!  It's me, Moosey!

I was talking with Gracie and Raz about some very exciting things that happened on Friday here at my house, and they both thought I should share them with the Tabby Cat Club.  Some of you may have already heard them, so I apologize if you have, but we're so, so excited that we are practically bursting at the seams!

The first thing happened at 5:00 PM EST, when we found out that Animal Shelter Volunteer Life had won the "Best Cause-Related Blog" category of the 2013 Petties Awards.  We were all pretty shocked that our little bloggie, about the cats at the shelter where I came from (and where Mommy and Daddy volunteer) received such a prestigious honor.  And we were super excited that it means PAWS will get a $1,000 donation.  That will help lots of kitties (and woofies, too)!  We got a nice badge for our bloggie (see below) and we - even Mommy and Daddy and the shelter staff and other volunteers - all did the happy dance.  Thank you, everybuddy who voted for us - we couldn't have possibly won without your love and support. :)

The funny thing is, the most exciting news was still to come!  About an hour after finding out about the Petties, Mommy and Daddy went to PAWS to ... wait for it ... pick up my new sisfurs!  Even though they are not tabbies, they are beautiful and sweet and pawsome, all rolled up into one!  Their names are Gracie (how's THAT for a great name?) and Zoe, and they are house panther sisters who have been waiting for a new home for three whole years.  That's a long time, but now their wait is over, and they have come to live with us!  I'm sure that my Angel brofur Sammy guided them to us.  I have met them through the baby gates set up in the door to their room (which used to be MY room when Mommy and Daddy first adoperated me).  Zoe, Gracie and I are all cautious, but we didn't hiss or growl or anything.  I think I am going to like having sisfurs!  Here are their pictures,  Aren't they pretty?

So that all made for a pretty exciting start to the weekend, wouldn't you say?  I hope you all had a good weekend, too!

Hugs and headbonks,