Monday, September 30, 2013

100 Member Party Celebration!!!

Gracie & Raz
Graphic by Gracie

We're so excited to have 100 members!! The Tabby Cat Club is the biggest and most active club in the Cat Blogosphere!!

Step up to the bar and have a beverage.  Mixologists Gracie and Raz are ready to make the purrfect meowgarita or niptini for you.
Gracie & Raz
Graphic by Gracie

How about some of our special blend Catnip Vodka?  Remember to drink responsibly!

When you've got your beverage, feel free to head to the buffet.  Aren't the place settings nice????

Sous Chef Raz is learning a lot from Chef Gracie as she prepares the food for our 100 member celebration. 
Graphic by Raz

Raz and Gracie did a great job with the noms......first we have Shrimp Pizza! 

Delicious Ham, sausage and Chick-Hen

Aren't the Tabby Cat Pops cute?   
Graphic by Raz

Of course, any celebration means CAKE!  This tuna flavored cake looks nommy!

Graphic by Raz

 We have lots of activities.....

Don't miss out on the 100 Balloon ride!  Gracie and Raz already have their balloon picked out...

Graphic by Gracie

If you prefer, there are 100 canoes waiting for us.  It looks like Raz, Gracie and Socks are ready to head the canoe parade!

Graphic by Raz

We hope you're having a great time and don't want to leave but, when you do, there is a special teleport tunnel waiting to take you home.

Graphic by Raz

Don't forget your favors. Please take home one of our special Tabby Cat Club cookies, they're delicious!
Graphic by Raz
There are nip cigar favors for the ManCats....
Graphic by Raz
and nip nanners for the Ladycats

Graphic by Raz

Thanks for attending our 100 Member celebration.  We wouldn't be celebrating if it wasn't for the wonderful TCC members!!  You are what makes our club so special! Please remember that this is your club.  You don't have to wait for an event to post.  If you have an event you would like to host, let Raz know and we'll get it on the calendar.  It's easy as catnip pie!  

The Tabby Cat Club celebration wouldn't be complete without a big thank you to Gracie for starting the club!  We're sure happy she did!!! xoxoxo, Raz

ps: And I, Gracie, want to thank all of you for making this the bestest of the best club ever and a special thank you to my right paw director of events, Raz. xoxoxo, Gracie

ppss: The banner is our second group shot and all 1-100 members should be in the photo. It was hard herding all of you in one place. Some of you kept running around and catching all the field mice and bopping them on the heads. So if you were missing when the photo was taken you might have been missed so let me know and I will see that you join the group.


Mo and The Purries said...

Congrats on 100 members!
Party on, Tabbies!

The Swiss Cats said...

Concatulations ! What a great pawty ! I (young Zorro) must be careful with the niptinies, I'd rather have a glass of milk... I wonder if Loupi could be a member too : are there conditions ? Purrs and headbutts

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

Holy mackerel! Concats and purrs to Raz and Gracie for the pawsome spread. 100 tabbies under one roof partying is meowvelous!!!! One-eyed Odin looks like he had one too many niptinis.

AnnStaub said...

OMC Pawsome guys! This party is so fabulous and the new header is purrfect! Thanks for hosting this pawsome party!

Purrs, Honey Delite

Anonymous said...

Concatulations Tabby Cat Club! What a pawsome thing to celebrate - 100 members is a LOT. May you reach 200 well before your next tabbaversary!!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Oui Oui said...

Pawsome celebration! What a great party! Concats to all the tabbies that made 100 members possible. Its about one new member a week, isn't it? Special purrs to Gracie and Raz, they are the best!

Hannah and Lucy said...

What a great party this is and who'd ever have thought we would get our membership up to a hundred!
Thank you Gracie for starting us off and to Raz for his help.
Luv Lucy xx

Pip said...

Concatulations, Tabby Cat Club! Yoy does clubs right.

Pip said...

Concatulations, Tabby Cat Club! Yoy does clubs right.

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Welcome and thanks for all the wonderful wishes. Stay as long as your like and teleport home and let your friends know, come on back with them.
I want to thank especially Raz for all of his help with the events and helping me out whenever I ask. Also, for our recruiters Dexter, Willow, & Clementine for their hard work to get the membership up. A bit thank you to our friends that visit us even though they are not tabby kitties. And to the most important ones all of the tabby kitties that are members and help make this club the fun and busy place in the blogosphere.
Now on to the next 100 members and make this club 200 strong.

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

I love riding in the canoe. I thinks I could do that all day Gracie. I'll have to ask Mommy if I can have a Strawberry meowgarita and some of the delicious foods you prepared. ~Socks

Fuzzy Tales said...

OMC, CONGRATULATIONS on member 100! You've all done an amazing amount of work and we're so impressed. We know we've not participated in quite a while now (due to our human's failings), but we think it's fantastic.

Yes, here's to the next 100 members!

Purrs and peace,
Nicki and Derry

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

WOOOO HOOOO for the Tabby Cat Club!!!! Soooo happy there are 100 Members and I am proud to be one of the original!
What a great pawty!!!
Love, Cody

The Island Cats said...

Yay! Congratulations to everybuddy! We know we don't pawticipate very much in club events, but we're so happy to be members of such a great club!

Wally & Zoey

Swami Zoe said...

Me-Ommmmmmm-oommmmmmmm! What a wonderful celebration and I am so blissful to be a part of it! The food looks fabulous too! Me-Ommmmmmmm

The Cat Realm said...

A W E S O M E !!!
now that's what i call a party! balloon rides and canoeing, YEAH!
thanks for such a great party, congratulations to the 100 members!
oh my - i can't remember - am i a member? and edna? will check back with you...
party on!

Anonymous said...

Yippee!!! We knew you could do it, TCC! What a grand party befitting a grand bunch! Tuna cake, canoes, balloons and shrimp pizza? We can't think of a better way to get through a Monday! TCC, we ROCK!!

Photo Cache said...

that is pawsome! concats. we'll be by later for some meowgarita.

emma and buster

CatInTheFridge said...

Oh, i LOVE the teleport tunnel!!! So nice for when I have too much nip. And I love the nip nanners. This is the best party ever!!! Thanks so much for doing all this. Love the new badges! - Crepes & Rocky,

CATachresis said...

A big concats on 100 members :)) Thanks for the great pawty with super noms!

The Florida Furkids said...

I'm glad everyone is having so much fun! The TCC Rocks!!


Jenn said...

Congrats on 100 members! We're loving the party. :)

da tabbies o trout towne said...

conga ratz two all 100 memburrs oh de tabby cat club fishes N heerz ta another 100 for another 100 !!!

Unknown said...

Concats on reaching 100 members. Great party.

Anonymous said...

What a great party! Congrats on 100 members! The food, entertainment and delicious cookies were wonderful! Enjoyed the party. We really liked the Tuna cake too!

Mickey's Musings said...

WooHoo!! 100 members!
And what a super party too :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

Life with Ragdolls said...
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Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Hope everyone had a fun time. Please stay as long as you like. I am going to make another run to the store for more eats!

Life with Ragdolls said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Timmy Tomcat said...

Oh My Catness!
Such a fun party to celebrate this wonderfur milestone. Amazing!
And what a party. I don't think we have ever been to a party this nice in all the CB.
Raz you really did great with the Noms and we may ask you and Gracie to cater our next Tomcat Home event. Meow. Excuse me for a sec.

BUDDY, Slow down on the Cabbip Vodka big fellow.

Whew that cat can put away the nip.
So Thanks so much for a great club where wa all have so much fun.
PS Great idea with the tunnel to get home. We can let it all hang out.

Purrs from Timmy, Fitz and Family

Life with Ragdolls said...

Ok. I'll send you an email with my cats photos and names and a little bit about them. And I'll do it that other stuff too. (For my cats ONLY!)

Xoxo RM (AKA Ragdoll mommy~

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, wow! This is such a great party, Gracie and Raz! Thank you! I'm SO proud to be a member of the Tabby Cat Club. Now let's celebrate, and toast to the next 100 members! :)



Life with Ragdolls said...

Just sent you two E-mails. I hope we can JOIN!!! If not I will probably be upset:-(

Love Ragdoll mommy&Nico&Anya~

Cherry City Kitties said...

We are so proud to be in the 100 club and we just love all the kitties who join us here!

Thank you Gracie and Raz for all you do, you guys are THE PAWESOMEST!

Dexter and Willow

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Ragdoll if you all are tabbie kitties nothing to worry about.

Marilynn said...

GREAT party, y'all!! We are having the BESTEST time!!

Grace & Marilynn

Samantha & Mom said...

WOW!!! What fun!! And Congratulations on 100 Members!! And what an awesome Party!! Whoo Hoot!!

Just Ducky said...

Wonderful party. Glad we made it to 100 members.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Grrreat PARTYY !
COOL that we made it to 100 members :)

Fozziemum said...

Wow who new such a club existed guys ..what a great party and celebration of Tabby wonderfulness :) my tabbies are quite taken with all the beautiful pictures on your header as am i ...can my girls join..they are tabby through and through :) have a great party Fozziemum

ZOOLATRY said...

We're not members ~ but we raise our paws in salute to Gracie, Raz and Socks for a job well done over the past years. This is the most awesome club ever ... and this header, and posting are 100% fabulous. Concats to all!
The Zoolatry Girls

Life with Ragdolls said...

did you get my E-mails,Gracie? May we please join??? if we can't then please let me know!! ok?

Marg said...

What a great party and Gracie and Raz sure did a good job getting the club going and having all the events that they have had. So good job to everyone. The food looks so yummy. Have a great day.

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Bev Green:Please check things out at the club. It tells you there how to join. I went to your site but didn't see where to leave a comment. Please get back to me. There is an email thingie at the club that you can click on and email me. Please

TabbyNormal said...

Excellent party! We are very proud to be a part of it!

-Abby Normal & Styx, Tabbies

Unknown said...

OH WOW! Good thing our new Sisfur can't read! She will be sad that she missed out in being one of the top 100 Tabbies!
Concatulations and this is a fabulishious pawty!