Monday, November 28, 2011

Membership Update & A Surprise

The membership of the Tabby Cat Club is growing each day. We are now up to having twenty-six members in our club. If you are a tabby cat or know of a tabby cat tell them about the club and sign up. You can join at any time.

If you want a little surprise go way down to the bottom of the TCC blog and there is a surprise and it was made for me by Zoolatry. Thanks!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Grace's faves!

Grace is demonstrating where she LOVES to spend time ... mostly during her naptimes!
Here she is by the back door. She loves to sleep in the square or rectangle of sun there in the afternoons ... summer or winter! She just loves the spot!!

And here she is on top of the couch, and even more importantly, on top of the fuzzy blankie! She absolutely adores it.

Does anyone else want to share favorite places?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Guess Who?

Whisker Wednesday

Hi there, Tabatha here showing off my whiskers. This is our first time posting on this blog so we are trying to learn how it all works. I guess our Mom needs to go read some instructions.

Hi there, Maggie here. Here are my whiskers. They don't stand out very well but Mom tried. Can't wait to go look at everyone else's whiskers.

We sure hope everyone has a really good whisker day.
Take care



I am so excited on this our first official meeting of the Tabby Club

I hope you all think my whiskers


are shiny and curly enough to display.


Whisker Wednesday with Clementine

Here are my Wednesday Whiskers!!
Thanks for the cool Tabby Cat Club Gracie & JFF!!

Hugs from your TX Golden Tabby,

Whisker Wednesday with Audrey and Simba

It was pretty funny at our house the past couple of days, with Mom trying to get closeup pictures of our whiskers.     Simba was pretty cooperative, because he sat right next to the Mom as she was on the computer , and she picked up the camera and aimed it right in his face, close up.     But with Audrey, she definitely didn't like the camera close to her face.   For a kitty who usually does her best to get on the kitchen counter whenever she can, she kept lowering her head, or walking away, or even jumping down.      These are the best we have got right now!!


See the curly whiskers?   


These pictures don't show it, but Audrey has several black whiskers in among her white ones.      (Simba has just a couple, but they are not very obvious).

Happy Whisker Wednesday, everybody!

TCC Whisker Wednesday - Missy Blue Eyes

Hi everyone. 
Missy Blue Eyes here for the "furrst" official event for the Tabby Cat Club, Whisker Wednesday.
Click and biggify my photos to see all the details!
Here I am showing off all the whiskers and my fabulous FB's... 
And she ought to know, go look at Mousie's FBs... huge!

Like many of you, my whiskers are not easy to see.
Again, click on the photo to biggify for more detail.
Here they do show up a little better.
This side-shot shows a side view of FB and whiskers.
This has been fun participating in the first event for the TCC.
Hope everyone else enjoyed it too.

 And special fanks to Gracie for making a club just for us Tabbies!
~Missy Blue Eyes

Fuzzy Tales: Whisker Wednesday

Derry: I have pawsome, long whiskers!
Nicki: Yeah, okay, so my whiskers are short.
But I have other attributes!

Whisker Wednesday and an Intro!

Hi! My name is Abby Normal. I am a 3 and 11/12ths year old tabby who has a house-panther sister named Stygia, a Mum named Ms. C, and a man named Mr. R. I am so excited there is finally a club for tabbies! We have our own blog called T'Abby Normal & the Stygian Panther.

Today, as my first post, I thought I'd share with you a close up of where my tabby whiskers come from:

As you can see, I have dark whisker-dots from where my whiskers sprout. I have some black whiskers, and some white whiskers, but many of them are "ticked," meaning they are black at the roots, but white on the outsides! My Mum says it makes it look like my whiskers are floating off of my face. It also makes them difficult to photograph in detail. I hope you enjoyed my whiskers, I am very proud of them.

When my Mum finds my whiskers lying around the house, she puts them in this frog which she has to keep out of my reach because I wanna kill it:

Maybe a little weird! But you can see at least one of my "ticked" whiskers. And I think she is very sweet to treasure such important pieces of me this way.

Animal Shelter Volunteer Life - Whisker Wednesday :)

Hi Everybuddy! It's me, Moosey! Because I have lots of white furs, it can be hard to see my whiskers (which are also white). So my dad took this picture of me sleeping in the sun to help show them off a little better. (Fanks, Dad.)

Whisker Wednesday


Wednesday Whiskers

Excitement as today is Wednesday Whiskers our first Tabby Cat event! Let's get started! Tabbies show us your whiskers!

Beautiful Grace...and all her graceful whiskers!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I've Joined


I'm pleased to announce that I am a proud new member of the Tabby Cat Club

I hope we all have a great time.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Socks' Distant Tabby Relatives

 Mommy thinks this kitten looks like me when I was younger. She calls him Socks Jr., he lives @ Grandma's house.

And doesn't this cat have interesting coloring. All the cats at Grandma's house are descended from my Cat Mom (Miss Kitty) so they are distantly related to me. They are even more closely related to Artemisia. ~Socks

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday Whiskers

Our first club event will be held Wednesday, November 23. On Wednesday we are featuring our nice fascinating whiskers. This should, I hope, give your folks time to capture this in the clickie box.

All members of the club are invited to show us your whiskers. If you are not a member of the club already and are a tabby to join up all you have to do is email me with your blog link and send me a photo.

This blog is for the tabby cats just to have a fun place to post pretty much about whatever we would like to.
If you are a member and want to host an event just let me know and we will get it on the schedule.

See you Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tabby Cat Club~Under Construction

This blog is being started so tabby cats have a special place to gather and post. There will be tabby cat badges for all of our members.

If you would like to join and are a tabby cat please email me, my email box in on the sidebar. You will need to send me your blog address along with a photo of you so I can make your badge.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing from our dear Tabbies!