Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Purrfect Present

Tommie says, "The purrfect present is one of these fast little chippymonks that hide in the stone walls. 
Mom seems to like them better alive, so I try to hold them gently in my mouth and drop them on the deck for her. This one is just a little wet and shook up."

Mom Maggie says, "Sigh, I wish Tommie would stop bringing them home. 
The very best present is my sweet boy Tommie."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Purrfect Present

I've been thinking and thinking about the Purrfect Present.  Its really hard to know what to give my mom.  We don't have mice here like at the old house, so I can't give her a mousie, or part of one.  Carl and Julie are much better shedders than I am.  Mica Minnie Moo can yak 4 or 5 times in a row, and I hardly yak at all.  There seems to be just one thing I can give her...


And my cute little antics!

That keeps all the peeps happy! 

Purrs, Oui Oui

UPDATE:  I did think of something else, see what it is at Twinkletoetails.

Socks ~ A Purrfect Gift For The Humans

Why me of course.............................

Around here you can't go wrong with flowers, we all loves them. And if you really, really wanna show your love build em a Hummingbird Cottage.
At the moment Mommy & Daddy are very worried about Arty the best present they could get would be her coming home. Please join me in purring for Arty to come home. ~Socks

The Purrfect Gift for Mom and Dad

Hi Everybuddy.  It's me, Moosey!

My mom and dad always give me and my brother Sammy lots of snuggles and smooches, and tell us that we are the bestest gifts they've ever received.  So I'd say our "purrfect" present for them would look something like this:

Kind of a tight fit in here.  Maybe we can take turns next time!
Have a great day, friends!



My Purrfect Gift for Mum

I thought and thought and decided that
This is the most purrfect gift for my human

she loves my tummy
and best of all
(whispers) I let her kiss it for free


The Purrrfect Gift

~Goodness Gracie's Purrrfect Gift~

What to get the mom and dad? Hummmmmm, I have given this a lot of thought and just one thing comes to mind . . .

. . . how about a kittie in a bag? Purrrfect I say . . . First you need to find a sack and position yourself inside of it. You must make sure the bag is up around you so you won't stick out . . .

. . . you must also make sure that the handles of the bags don't end up inside with you so you will have to push them away . . .

. . . once all of you is inside the bag you will want to tidy yourself up so you look beautiful . . .

. . . now the fun part . . . make sure all of you is inside the bag so as not to give away the surprise . . .

. . . then you wait . . . and wait . . . watch and wait . . . wait and watch . . . yawn . . .


The Purrfect Gift for my Human

This is the most purrfect gift I could ever give to my human

also known as Mum

namely myself Lucy,
of course I need to confess that I made a big mistake because I came with "baggage"
namely this back and white kitten called Hannah

I hope I am not barred from the Tabby Cat Club for living with "an outsider"

Here I am shaking like a leaf while

awaiting judgement from all my Tabby Cat Club friends

Please don't ban me from the best club on the Cat Blogosphere.

Luv Lucy xx

A Purrfect Gift From Kizzie

One of my recent offerings.

The Purrfect Gift for Humans

Hi furriends, Tamir here.  Today's event is A Purrfect Gift for the Humans hosted by Gracie.

I think the purrfect gift would be something that I consider special so I think the Purrfect Gift for the Humans would be TOONA!!!  Mom doesn't let us have regular TOONA but our stinky goodness TOONA is nommy too!

Of course it would be nice if the Humans shared!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Mom And Me"

Happy Mother's Day

To all of the purrfect Mommies out there!!

Love, Cody

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Graphic by Zoolatry
Mom & Me!
Just love here to pieces!!
Wishing all the mom's out there a very Happy Mother's Day!!!
You all are the bestest of the best!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tabby Tummy Tuesday

I kind of stink at tummy photos, because I kind of stink at rolling over onto my back. I never did figure it out. Anyway, here I am doing some stretches, and you can see my tummy.

And here I am three apartments ago, taking a nap and showing just a little bit of tummy. 

Tabby Tummy Tuesday with Clementine

I love having my tummy rubbed!! 
So please feel free to rub all you want!!
Oh yes!! That is just the right spot to rub!
Sometimes I like to bunny kick when some one 
is rubbing my tummy!! So Beware!!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!
Love & Hugs,

A tabby Tummy

So, here is our Maggie other wise known as Mahoney's mom. Maggie just loves to flaunt her tummy. She is not shy at all which is unusual since she was a wild feral cat last Jan. She has come a long ways. This is fun and thanks Grace for having this. Take care

Tommie's Tummy

                                Come on, pat my tummy, you know you want to!

It's Tabby Tuesday Tummy Time!

Tummy time is one of the best. Don't you just want to give it some rubs?

Simba and Audrey's Sleeping Tummies!!

Grace's nice round tummy!

Rarely does Grace do this. I had to get this ASAP!! Usually she's curled up in a doughnut shape and with everything (feet, tail) all tucked in!

Nice round girl ... such a difference from the ultra-thin cat she was while still nursing babies!

Kizzie's Tuesday Tummy

Here we are then, a Tuesday Tummy, showing off all my yellow furs underneath.  Of course, this photo might not necessarily have been taken on a Tuesday, but what matters is that today is a Tuesday and you can see it now.

Tuesday Tummies

I have posed for three pictures of my delightful tummy

and you're right - I am a very modest girl!!

This is a side view

Do you see how toned my tummy muscles are?

This next picture is more relaxed and I am holding my paws up

so as not to spoil the view

Here's a closer peek for you

so you can see how luxurious my tummy furs are.

Now all you mancats go and lay down and recover quietly.


Cosmo and Ling : Tabby Tummy Tuesday

We love showing off our tummies so when Gracie decided to host Tuesday Tummies, there was no way we could turn down the opportunity to participate!

Ling : What are you waiting for? Rub my tummy!
Cosmo's tummy is filled with *LOVE*

Moosey's Tummy Furs :)

Hi, it's me, Moosey!

Here's a picture of me showing off my soft and fluffy tummy furs.  Do you like them? :)

(Fanks to my Dad, by the way, for strategically Photoshopping that fig leaf on the picture, MOL!).

Happy Tummy Tuesday, everybuddy!

Love and head bonks,

Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Fuzzy Tales' Tuesday Tummies

Finally, we got our mom to do a post for us and can show off both our tummies. One of us isn't particularly modest, though. Good things we're kitties--human "modesty" isn't important to us!

Nicki stretches out and gets some sun on his tummy,
while doing a bit of bird watching too.
 Derry's turn to show off his soft tummy furs...
and that he's missing quite a few teeth, if you biggify his first pic. LOL.
Happy Tuesday, kitties, and remember....Tummy scritches are the best!

-Nicki and Derry