Saturday, July 15, 2023

Our lost ones =(

 I know Grace and I haven’t written posts or comments here for quite a while, but we scroll through and read posts and comments often. Today’s email from Ann of Zoolatry truly broke my heart, and I’m hoping friends here will grieve with me.

I lost Grace (of Momma Grace and Company) in mid-April this year. We had already lost our Ruse in December 2019, so the loss of Grace affected Audace and me greatly. Our house is truly too quiet these days.

Today, though, reading that we’ve also lost Raz and Teddy recently breaks my heart all over again. I’m glad to see that others are stepping up to keep TCC going. Audace and I love reading the posts here … and remembering.

Marilynn and Audace

Tuesday, July 4, 2023


Thank You Veterans and Active Military for fighting for my Freedom and I am also grateful for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their families and the Women who also fought recognized and unrecognized it is because of all of you I have my freedoms that I do. My Father is a Veteran from the Army National Guard so as a Daughter of a Veteran I am really grateful.
Now on to a different subject Why have I not been receiving Tabby Cat Posts for several years? I get COVID took a lot of people out for several years heck it hit my family multiple times but I don't even get notified of the events anymore. Have we been taken off the list and considered Tabby Cat outcasts we hope not because we love Tabby Cats and our Tabby Cat friends.