Friday, August 28, 2020

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

 I didn't get to meet Ali.  She passed August 30th 2019.  I was adopted on October 13th 2019.  Ali was a member of Cat Scouts and the Tabby Cat Club.  I am following in her pawprints by doing the same.

Rainbow Remembrance Day

RAINBOW REMEMBRANCE DAY is a day that all of us recognize as one of our most important days.   We think of and remember all of our Angels every single day of course but one day a year we focus our thoughts and memories on the ones at the Rainbow Bridge.

While I've lost a lot of friends in my four plus years who had to leave and become Angels, the one I miss the most is my brother Sammy.    I never met him in person - he left four months before I came to live with Mom and Dad.    I have always wished I could have spent SOME time with him before he had to go.   Mom and Dad adopted me from the same shelter where they had adopted Sammy almost 17 years before and Sammy was a Tabby Cat Club member too.

The day Mom and Dad brought baby Sammy home.......tiny little guy!

He was a cutie and had big front paws - he was a polydactyl!
This was Sammy's last photo at home - December 2, 2016.....he went to the Vet with Mom and Dad later that day and said a final farewell.

One day I know I will be with him at the Rainbow Bridge and we will get to know each other properly.  Until then I will listen to his advice in my dreams.

I love all my Rainbow Bridge friends......and remember them all............ALWAYS.
Love and Hugs, Teddy

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Ducky at The VET

 Yeah, it may be take your pet to the vet day, but I am not going! At least not today. I did my annual visit back in February near my Gotcha Day. That is when mum schedules it. 

Me being shy and staying in my PTU when we first get there. At the old stabby place I used to get out and explore and then try to hide. I didn't get far.

When I first get there they check me in a give mum a blankie that has nice smelling stuff to keep me calm. So mum just lets me chill on the exam table. 

Nice and modern, even a puter in the room to make notes with right away on the record. Keep track of stuff like weight and any medicines given or vaccines. 

Then the exam, getting my toothies and gums looked at. Must be doing OK as I haven't had to have a dental yet in my life!

So as long as I stay healthy, I only go once a year. In the past mum has always been able to come insdie with me, not sure what things will be like next year when I have to go for my visit. I hope mum can come inside with me. 

National Take Your Cat To The Vet

 This photo was taken of me when I visited my vet way back in 2018. As you can see by my weight I was not doing well at this time. My vet wants my weight to be at 11 pounds. 

My super vet mom says that she saved my life. Believe it or not I am over weight and need to get rid of a pound. With the amazing vet mom found I am happy to say I am all better and I am enjoying a happy life and feeling pretty well for a cat my age. I still take medicine shots for helping me stay healthy. 

I don't really mind going to the vet as she is kind, gentle and loves taking super duper care of the furries.

You all stay healthy and don't fight with the mom or dad the next time you go to the vet. 

A Big THANK YOU to Teddy and Mom Pam for our super participation award for today's event.
Don't forget to take it with you when you leave. 

National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day

Well I'm all for this one - we all need to make regular trips to our vets for checkups and shots and if anything at all concerns our humans about our behavior.    We may not be FANS of going to the vet, but it's NECESSARY!

I happen to love my vet........he talks to me the whole time and gives me lots of pets.   He likes that I'm a BIG GUY.    He says I'm not overweight - I'm just JUMBO sized.    

Be glad that there are wonderful people who choose to go to veterinary school to learn how to take care of animals - that's why we're here today - because we have these people to help us through our rough patches!

Let's hear it for our vets.............................Hip Hip Hooray!

Hugs, Teddy

Take Your Cat To the Vet Day


We're hoping none of us go to the Stabby Place today!!  We're sharing Raz's first VET visit photos!  That's our favorite VET tech, Cheryl
Not for the faint of heart!!!!  Raz was such a brave boy!!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Lazy Cat Day


We're ready!!

National Lazy Day

This one of my favorite day of the year!

A Big THANK YOU to Teddy and Mom Pam for our super participation award for today's event.
Don't forget to take it with you when you leave. 

National Lazy Day With Teddy

This is MY kind of special day!!

Lazy?  Isn't that a requirement to be a cat?   One must be able to sleep a lot, snore a bit, and look cuddly and adorable at all times.    I think I meet those requirements.   Here's PROOF I can do LAZY!

How about you?   Can you do your share of LAZY??? 

Hugs, Teddy

Saturday, August 8, 2020

World Cat Day


World Cat Day

World Cat Day?   Why?

The popularity of the holiday is due primarily to the fact that cats have always been and remain the most popular pets around the world: about 80% of all inhabitants of the Earth have a pet, and more than half of them gave their preference to cats.

YAY FOR CATS..............but we are sure that all pets bring their humans joy and affection and fun.   It's just that CATS do it best (tee hee).

I'm happy to be part of the celebration but I'm also VERY happy to be a cat no matter what.   I have a wonderful home with super duper humans and I could not be happier if I tried!!!

Happy World Cat Day TCC Friends!
Hugs, Teddy

Fitz & Timmy Happy World Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day Friends
Thanks Ann Adamus for this great badge

We hope you are all enjoying our own special day
Keep those cuddles coming, we deserve them

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

World Cat Day with Raz and Noelle


Huh? Isn't EVERY day World Cat Day?  It sure is for us!