Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Grace is a very thankful kitteh! See the new scratchers and toys behind her? They've been well covered in 'nip, and this promotes getting lots of healthy exercise!!

We're all getting ready for Happy New Year ... including dealing with all the fireworks and noise in our near futures!!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All Tabbies

Captain Casper here, I want to wish all Tabbies
and All Kitties in the cat blogosphere

a very Merry Christmas.

Have a Great Day!!

Merry Christmas from Moosey (and my family)

Sammy and I (and our mom and dad) wish you all the merriest of Christmas, and a New Year filled with abundant blessings (and scritches and treats, too)!

Hugs and headbonks,

Moosey :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

And a BIG thank-you to Jan for making this graphic ... a marvelous talent neither Grace nor I have!

(Grace is the mommacat who is completely zonked out at the right side. Her boys, however, know how to mug it up for the camera!)

Holiday Cheers!

Graphic by Zoolatry

Sending holiday cheers across the miles to everyone and your families.
Wishing all a never-ending season of love and peace.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gracie's Christmas Check List

Gracie is almost ready!

Tree decorated~check
Cards done~check
Presents bought~check
Packages wrapped~check
A little snow fall~check (the snow is replaced by rain now)
Stockings hung~check
Chrsistmas CDs found~check
Found DVD "The Christmas Story"~check (will watch it with the folks)
Baking~do Friday

Almost ready for Christmas! The countdown has started!!
Sending best wishes this Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tabatha is Getting Ready for Christmas with a Christmas Collar

Simba here.  We are helping to post Tabatha's picture because her Mom Marg said Blogger was giving her trouble.      Tabatha didn't like the Christmas Collar very much and ended up getting it off.  But for a short while she was showing Santa she could get in the Christmas spirit.

Getting Ready For Christmas

This is how I spent my morning!! Mom caught me and put the Elf Costume on me and then took pictures!! Oh woe is me!!  
Love & Hugs, Clemmie

Getting Ready for Santa with Audrey and Simba

Last night Mom and Dad finally let us go into the living room where the tree is.    There is lots to sniff and explore in that room, and so in order to get us both in front of the tree together for a picture, they had to bribe us with Party Mix.     And THEN we were always head down to the floor eating!    Here's the best picture they were able to get.

We hope Santa has lots of packets of Party Mix in his bag for us!!!!!

Grace and the garland

Last Friday, we got the garland and a wreath out of a closet so we could decorate our fireplace. As usual, Grace needed to inspect it to make sure it was worth putting on the mantel and wall! Funny girl!

Isn't she wonderful? I love my Grace!!

Moosey, getting ready for Santa

Happy holidays, everybuddy! Sammy and I have been very good boys, so we're hoping Santa Paws will be stopping at our house on Christmas Eve. I want to look festive when Santa gets here, so my dad and mom helped me try on some different hats...
Is that you, Santa?

Getting Ready For 8 Crazy Nights

So Santa and I are tight. He's my bro. Mom has pajama bottoms covered  in his face.

But I don't see the guy on Christmas, 'cause he's working. And 'cause I'm a Jewish kitteh.

That means Santa doesn't come down my chimney, which is good 'cause we don't have a chimney. It also means that we set fire to a big golden thingy called a menorah for 8 nights. And if I'm good maybe I'll get some of Grammie's chicken and latkes (potato pancakes).I'm still excited for Christmas, though, because it'll still be Chanukah then and Mom has off from work and we watch Christmas movies and maybe eat Chinese food.
And all my kitteh friends will get visits from Santa!

Here's a picture of me with the stuffed spinny dreidel my Mom got me. I hope there's more prezents coming from Chanukah Harry!

Fuzzy Tales: Holiday Preparations

The first four pics were snapped early this month, as we were helping the mom wrap up our presents for our grandma and step-grandfather. It's hard work choosing the right gift bag!
Then we had to guard the boxes till the mom could take them to the post office. Whew! What would she do without us?
And after all that, we have to take turns guarding our own presents! Here Nicki takes first shift.
It's a lot of hard work, kitties! Who knew the holidays would be so exhausting?

-Nicki and Derry at Fuzzy Tales

Santa Claws is Coming to Town ~ Socks

The Mom has put all sorts of decorations out. We has Santa, and Frosty the Snowman and Nutcrackers galore scattered around the house. No tree yet, not sure if the guys are going to put one up. Mommy left it up to them. We also gets to celebrate Youngest Boy Bean being born on the 19th and my duties as a nurse will be put to use on the 21st when he has knee surgery.  So my calendar is full.

Grandma made this Santa. We has 3 of them. For some odd reason Mommy felt compelled to take a picture of me with him. I thinks I should get treats for posing like Daisy the Curly Cat does.

Getting Ready For Santa

So much to do during this busy holiday time . . .

. . .I have been busy snoopervising the mom as she decorated the tree, put out the Christmas decorations, addressed cards, helped me to decorate my blog, seeing all of her shopping items, and now time to wrap things. I told her I would help her but I am so worn out by all that has been done and all that is still left I have to catch a few zzzs before I can continue helping her.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to handle a cold night!

Grace rarely sleeps with me at night, but one of her boys must have taken over her bed in the TV room, so she came to me to keep warm. Funny, purry girl!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sleepy Sauturday with Clementine

I like to sleep on my back and all curled up, too!!
Have a super sleepy Saturday!!

Archie's Sleepy Saturday

Hey Tabby Club kids, Archie here with my very first post.  I'm usually a mancat on the go, but my mum caught these pictures of me snoozing on the big bed.  I hope you like them :-)

tabby tummy

blissed out boy

sleeping beauty :-)

Catatonic Caturday

Abby Normal: There is no better way to generate warmth and good feelings on a cold winter day than by curling up into a ball and sleeping!

Sleepy Mousie

Magnolia is the top picture and her daughter, Mahoney in the bottom picture, play so very hard, that they just plain pass out at times. Then it is up and running again.
Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

Snoozin' Grace

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...
This is my favorite photo of my beautiful Grace as she sleeps!

"To Sleep, Perchance To Dream"

Sleepy Saturday

We were very sorry to hear the news that one of the Tabby Cat Club's members, Opus, had to go to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday.     We want to dedicate our sleepy Saturday post to Opus.   Run free, dear tabbycat.

Here are two VERY sleepy pictures, one of each of us.    You can tell how tightly we are sleeping because we are curled into a ball, or at least a semi ball.   And our eyes are tight shut.



Sleeping Tabbies Saturday - Moosey

Here are some of mom and dad's favorite pictures of me sleeping in a sun puddle. That's my brother Sammy on the right in the second picture. He's not a tabby, but he's still a pretty cool dude. :)

I was so sad to hear that our friend, and fellow TCC Member Opus has run off to the Rainbow Bridge. Fly free, sweet friend. Sammy and I, and our mom and dad know you are with your brother Roscoe now. We are sending lots of soft and comforting purrs and prayers to your whole family, especially your mom.

Sleeping Tabbies Saturday: Fuzzy Tales

These are old pics, taken on Derry's Gotcha Day (December 21, 2007). The mom was too lazy to look through her hundreds of albums for newer pics and knew these would be cute.  :-)
The mom was so happy to see us snuggle up together right away. We don't do that now, though.
Happy Sleeping Saturday, everyone!