Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Cat World Domination Day

I dominate every day with my total cuteness, purrs and adorable pink nose.  Mommy gets up when I come in and chew on her hair.  She scratches my ears and under my chin until I am pleased.
As always, Cats Rule!

Cat World Domination Day With Tigger

Hi everyone, I was unable to post on Father's Day because well I was busy partying.  You see my furever family was having a combined party for Father's Day and Mom and Dad's 58th anniversary party. Mom and Dad's anniversary is on June 23. So I have a really good excuse for not posting.
I will post for Cat World Domination Day. Want do you mean Day if you are a typical Cat like me then you dominate EVERYDAY and I do mean EVERYDAY!!
Mom has written one of her famous poems/Haiku for Cat World Domination Day.

Poem Written On: 6-23-2020
Poem Written By: Crystal Stewart

Cat World Domination Day
Cat World Domination Day
A day for all cats to come together
And celebrate their domination over humans.
Cats wonder, we don't just dominate one day
But we dominate everyday out of the year.


Happy World Cat Domination Day Everyone!!


Cat World Domination Day with Ted

Oh YES indeed!   Cats make GREAT Dominators......who runs the household?  


Who gets catered meals at all hours of the day or night?


And in spite of our total domination - you love us like we love you!   

Hugs, Teddy

One Ring to Rule them All ~ Chimera from ATCAD

We love to celebrate Cat world Domination Day with Summer at
That we do Timmy

I Dominate with my innate Cat Wildness
That you do Miss Fitz

I Dominate with  my quiet yet commanding Catliness
Very Stately Timmy

How do you show your Cat World Domination friends?

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Cat World Domination Day

Yes, Mom is at her computer and can't reach the keyboard and, even if she could, can't type because she needs to be giving me chin scritches.  Cats RULE!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Cat Dad Day from Timmy & Fitz

Dad we love you a lot and thanks fur everything
You are one fine Cat Dad, Dad

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Father's Day with Bunty

I never got to meet my mommy's father.  There are no pictures of him available.  He died June 19th 1991. This makes Father's Day a little sad but as time goes by it's not as hard.  Anyway, for those of you who have your father's here tell them you love them.

Father's Day With Ted and Dad

Happy Father's Day!

Dad and I are best buddies........

Right from the start and every day in between...............Thanks Dad for taking me for lots of walks, and playing with me in the yard AND in the house.    You're the BESTEST!

Love, Teddy

Happy Father's Day

Our Daddy is an Angel now and we miss him a lot.  Noelle never got to meet him so there are no photos of her with him.  This is one of my favorites of me with my Daddy.  He never wanted to disturb me when I was sleeping so would carefully pick me up if I was in his chair.  I sure miss him a lot.

Friday, June 19, 2020

International Box Day with Bunty

Here I am in my favorite box.

International Box Day With Tigger

Hi everyone, my name is Tigger and I'm a Super Senior Tabby Cat.  As you know today is International Box Day. Normally I  would show you a picture of me in a box but sadly when my Mom Crystal got me, I was a Senior Cat to Super Senior Cat and didn't get into boxes anymore. Please forgive me Tabby Cats for not having a picture of myself in a box. It's not Mom Crystal's fault. So I have decided to show you all a picture of my "Sister" Daisy Mae. Once again everyone, I'm really sorry. Enjoy the picture of my "Sister" Daisy Mae in the Christmas tree box. Picture is below.


Happy International Box Day

Big or small boxes are the best!
I never met a box that I did not like.


International Box Day 2020


International Box Day With Ted

It's that time again!.......what self-respecting cat doesn't LOVE a nice box to lounge/play/sleep in????.

I'm definitely loving this box!    I dare you to disagree!
No this box is NOT too small for me!

Have a wonderful day in whatever box is near and dear to your heart Tabby Cat Clubbers...........
I'll look for a box as soon as I wake up........

Hugs, Teddy

Fitz & Timmy Boxing for Fun

We are joining Cats around the world for International Box Day. We really love the look of the blog too. Thanks Teddy, Gracie and Raz!
You said it Miss Fitz. Check out my box

Pretty sharp 

If you say so. I prefer a better fit.

We cant wait to see your Boxes

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

International Box Day!

Raz says that sometimes you have to claim a box and defend it from your fursibs!

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Sad Saturday

Cat Scouts are sad because Oliver H went to the rainbow bridge last night.  My own mommy is dealing with her own issues.  She got a call last night that her mother is not eating any food, just drinking energy drinks and her systems are starting to shut down.  Not unexpected but still hard to deal with.
Sorry to be such a bummer today. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Hug Your Cat Day

It's hug your cat day today.  I have no pictures of mommy hugging me or me hugging her because she is the one taking the pictures.  So I'll just a photo of me being cute.
I'm playing with mommy's shoes.  I like to hide toys in them.

Hug Your Cat Day

Mom says every day is hug your cat day. I agree with that. One cannot get enough of those super duper hugs.

Hug Your Cat Day

What?  We can hug each other, can't we?