Thursday, February 28, 2013

Angel Bobbi Frances VSquillion

In memory of my beautiful baby girl, Bobbi Frances K. Kitten, 4/12/1986 - 12/19/2002.  Bobbi and I were never far apart.  We did pretty much everything together.  Our love was like no other.

Birthday Pawty at my house!

Hey gang! There's a birthday bash happening at my house all day today! Come join me and help celebrate.

Grace's squillion ... and her joy!

Grace's squillion always reminds us how special she is ... a ginger tabby who is FEMALE!! 

Grace is also VERY happy this morning because two of her babies will be adopted by Laura in Massachusetts. They are Brutus and Marigold, who lived with Rose since they were about 2 months old. 

We are all celebrating Laura's magnificent decision!

Sock's Squillion

I adopted Whiskers and named him after my brother Angel Whiskers. Angel Whiskers took me under his paw when I was a very young kitten and made me feel safe and loved from the moment I came to my new home. ~Socks, from Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs

Yay Yay V-Squillion Adoption Day!

Hello to all our great pals at the Tabby Cat Club! We wanted to bring our new family members over to visit. Let me introduce our very own....

We are so glad to have Our Family Angels back as our very own V-Squillions! Thanks Gracie!
Love You All!
Timmy Tomcat and Family

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fun events in the Cat Blogosphere


Gracie's Mom is out of surgery and in recovery!!  Her human sister sent us this email:

Good afternoon.
Mom asked me to send you both an email with an update on her status. All went well. She us currently resting in recovery. We should be able to go see her in an hour or so.
Thanks for you thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes.

Hi all....

I wanted to remind all our friends, Tabby or not, that there are a couple of great events coming up this week.

Thursday, 2/28 is Squillions Day!  If you've adopted a VSquillion from the CB VSquillion shelter, you might want to show them off on that day.  As you know, our own Gracie is the Shelter Keeper.  It's also the last day to adopt for a while.

Another fun event is Dr Seuss Day!  We can't wait to see what our friends post.  Again, this isn't a Tabby Cat Club Event but we think it will be fun.  Dr. Seuss Day is Friday, March 1.

Info can be found on the Cat Blogosphere by clicking  HERE.

Last, but closest to my heart, is the Wedding of my sisfur Angel Sniffie and Angel Nimbus on Thursday 2/28.  All are invited to attend.  Angel Sniffie went to the Bridge long before I was born, but I've heard wonderful things about her.  There is a special blog just for their wedding...  Sniffie and Nimbus Wedding Blog.  Gracie is the Wedding Planner Extraordinaire for the event so you know it will be wonderful!
We also want to ask you to send some purrs and prayers to Gracie's Mommy. She's having surgery today and will have to stay overnight.  We know Gracie will miss her and need to spend some time nursing her back to health when she gets home.

Have a pawsome week!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Needing Some Purrs

Graphic by JFF

My mommie is having surgery on Wednesday and we could use the good thoughts and purrs. We all know the purrs help. Mom will be spending the night at the hospital and when she comes home I will be in charge of giving lots of loves and snuggles.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Party

Raz and I would like to welcome you to the Tabby Cat Club Valentine's Day  Party.

l-r Raz, Gracie & Olive
Graphic by Gracie

Join us in the dinning room for some special Valentine treats. My niece, Olive, has prepared a menu that will surely delight everyone.

Drinks by Raz

Drinks for minors

Plates by Raz

Desserts by Gracie

Party Favors From Raz & Gracie

For those of you who would like something romantic and more private, Olive, Raz and I have done a little research to help you.

You could go for a balloon ride over Tuscany....

Graphic by Raz

Olive saw this lovely fireplace setting and thought it would be purrfect.......see the rose petal message she's pointing to!

Graphic by Raz

Don't go yet......we have a great way to end this party!  Raz and Gracie have chartered a luxury liner for a Valentines Day sunset cruise.  Hop on (feel free to bring your drinks) and enjoy the ride!!

Graphic by Raz

We hope you enjoyed the party!  Stay as long as you like, the noms and drinks will be flowing until the last tabby leaves!
See below for other Valentine's posts.

Happy Valentine's Day with Clementine & Ben

Oh Ben & I are having a wonderful Valentine's Day at the Tabby Cat Club!!
All our furiends are here!!
Have a Purrfect Valentines day!!
Clemmie & Ben

Tommie Valentino

Happy Valentine's Day from sweetheart Tommie!

My secret valentine...

Sometimes I wish I could tell her... but for now... all I dare do...  is dream...

Happy Valentines day, my sweet, secret one ...

pee ess: Happy Valentines day Dexter, you were the best present the Daddy ever got me!  Mom.

Valentine's Day

I'm hoping I'll hear from my boyfriend

Tees today

I wonder if he will remember

it's a special day.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Kitties and Furriends!

My Valentine's wish is for everyone to find their heart's desire.

Gracie sure throws a great party, as always.  She is so talented and works very hard.  When you are done partying here, stop by our place on your way home.  Julie and her elegant mancat Gabriel are having a little informal party today too.

Kitty kisses and headbonks,
Oui Oui
Twinkletoe Tails

Happy Valentine's Day from Moosey

Hi everybuddy!  It's me, Moosey!

First, I want to thank Gracie and Raz for throwing this cat-tabby-lous party.

Sammy and I (and the mom and dad, too) hope your day is filled with love, snuggles and headbonks.

Anyone want to join me in playing with this flying bird thingy?

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine Tabbies

Hello, I am Mss Fitz. Official Valentine Girl of the Tomcat home. 

Mss Fitz in Buddy Buds Just Right Bed!
The Family said since I am a Kyoot young lady, and not a stinky old Man-Cat, that I should come by and tell every cat how much we love you. Purrs and Kisses! Bye-Bye

*Timmy walks up*
Oh Hi Fitz. What's up.

*Fitz walks off*
Ohh... nothing...

*Timmy Looks Confused*
What... Oh Fitz! You are a funny cat!

*The Tomcats Family All Run In and Laugh with Timmy!*


We Love You All!
Timmy, Toby, Buddy, Mr B, Rumpy, and Mss Fitz

Happy Valentines by Socks

I am here with the lovely Samantha from Life From A Cat & Dog's Perspective.
~Socks, Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs

Happy Valentine's Day

Guess What I'm Doing On Valentine's Day?

I am taking the beautiful
Torrey and Roxy (yes, DOGGIES!!)
out to dinner!!
Aren't they just so glamorous?

Happy Valentine's Day from Kizzie

Wishing you all, whether on two legs or four, a happy Valentine's day, and may all your romantic wishes come true.

Happy Valentines Day from Raz

Raz wanted to give a big shout out to the Tabby Cat Club - he says HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

A very special Happy Valentines Day to sweet Gracie.  We know you'll be missing Angel Tamir today and we wanted to send you special hugs.  Raz says he's so happy that you're his big sisfur and mentor!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day
A Valentine's love note? Who is this from?

Awwww, it's from the grandbean!
She made this just for me . . .
How I love her bunshes!
Love to everyone on this special day!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Party

The Tabby Cat Club is having a Valentine's Party hosted by Raz and myself on February 14. Everyone is invited, you don't have to be a member to join in on the fun. Stop over and bring your friends with you. Hope to see you soon.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Who's snowed in?

I hear that there is a big cold snow storm up north of us.  I wanted to put up a happy sun puddle pic of me from a few days ago to remind you that it won't be cold furrever.  The warms will be back before you know it.
Stay comfy North Eastern Kitties!

Ah, warms!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Abby Normal's End in Sight

Abby Normal: My Mum says I'm a drama queen. She says my title for this post is over-the-top dramatic and that you will get the wrong idea about what I have to say today because of it.  I have no idea what she is talking about!

I have some exciting news, friends! A picture of my lovely self is in a new Catster article, "You Sent Us Photos of Cat Butts -- We Expose Some of the Best." You can check it out here! 

Maybe we should have our own day for such a feature. Whaddaya think? 

Oh, Styx says I have to share this video of her. I hate to admit it, but she is doing some really good work here:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday To Angel Tamir

We know we're a bit late posting this, but Mom's having a very leaky eyed day today.  Today would have been Angel Tamir's 16th Birthday.  We know there must be a big party at the Bridge for him.  

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY Angel TAMIR! We love you very, very much and really miss you!!

Mommy and Daddy and Ellie, Allie, Cubby, Clifford and little Raz

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII at the Tabby Cat Club

Party Hosted by Raz & Gracie

Welcome to the Tabby Cat Club's  Super Bowl Party.  We know the TCC knows how to throw a party and today is no exception. Come early and stay late.
Graphic by Gracie
Have you picked your team?  Gracie and Raz have!
Graphic by Raz
Spirit Items by Gracie
Once you have decided which team you are going to cheer for we have spirit items that are yours to take with you when you leave.
Spirit Items by Gracie

Grab a niptini or a meowgarita or a cup of milk (if you're a kitten) in the official Super Bowl Cup...

Drinks by Raz

 Help yourself to some delicious noms....

A cheese tray that shaped like a football field.....
Food by Raz
Tasty buffet...We think that's fish dip in the platter..

Decorations & Food by Raz
Nip cookies anyone?

Cookies by Raz
Don't forget to grab a plate and head to the cake table.
We have a delicious football cake and football cake pops.
Cake by Gracie
Cookie Pops by Gracie

We think the ads are usually fun.  We can't wait to see this one since the preview looks interesting.....

Graphic by Raz
. . . this add is more than interesting . . . is that . . . no . . . couldn't be . . .  but it does look like Gracie and Raz . . . no . . . are you seeing things?

Graphic by Gracie & Raz
Game time is nearing so be sure to join us in the tv room for a fun filled day of football, but the bestest of the best is being with dear friends. Thanks for stopping by and please stay the whole day long and way into the night.
Graphic by Gracie
When you leave please take an I Survived the Tabby Cat Club Super Bowl Party Award with you. That's your award made special for you and yours for just coming to the party!

Remember, what happens at the Tabby Cat Club stays at the Tabby Cat Club.
ps: See posts below the party for more fun Super Bowl photos.