Saturday, October 20, 2018

T Tocks and Miss Fanny

Ready to show what we have
Lets strut our stuff

Happy Tocktober Miss Fanny 

Back-Atcha T Tocks

T Tocks: aka Timmy Tomcat 
Miss Fanny: aka Miss Fitz


Manx Tocks by Sawyer

It is TockTober Day

In honor of my late, grate brofur Derby, today is TockTober Day. This was his purrthday. So time to show some tocks. Happy Purthday at The Bridge Derbs!

Angel Derby
 Me, Ducky


It's that time again!   TOCKTOBER - in honor of Derby.
Yep- my tocks are always on display when I have a SINK DRINK.........although I have to admit, this is an older photo and now that I weigh a lot more, I can't use THIS sink for my drinks - not enough counter space.....!!  HAHAHA



It's TockTober day!

I am showing my tocks with a TWIST today!

Too see Noelle and Allie's TOCKS and some of our Angel's tocks on our blog, click HERE.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


A Pirate's Life with the Kitties Blue Brothers

Sawyer & I had to bring our big bro, Mau, with us today. Hope nobody minds. We need him to help us with our wreck of a ship.

Hope everyone has been having fun. 

Purrs and arrgh, Cooper Murphy

Pirate's Day 2018

AHOY Mateys!

Graphic by Ann at Zoolatry

Ye know what special day today be, yes? be MEOW Like a Pirate Day all across the great sea of the blogosphere and whoa be to the scurvy critter who doesn't pawticipate - for they shall walk the plank!!

Have ye a snack before ye walk the plank though.....the sharks shall enjoy gnawin' on yer bones better if you've had a good meal from the ship's chef first!

OR, ye can help yerselves from the Pirate Buffet Table.......even we pirates don't quite trust our SCURVY Cook so we brought a pirate caterer in with more food!

The Pirate Bar will be open all day and into the late evening, what's your pleasure?

And, if you can't find a favorite food, try the buffet!

And should ye survive the food on the ship, ye may join our Pirate Crew and sail off for more adventures on the high seas!   We'll be plundering and pillaging our way 'cross the open waters soon!'s a Pirate's Life for Us Mateys!

Pirates Gorgeous Gracie, Rascal Raz, and Terrible Ted.

Meooooooooow Like a Pirate Day!!!

It's a pirate's life for me . . . 

. . . and a mighty fine life it is!!!!

Pirate Prancie

My mom should have to walk the plank for dressing me in this. Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day!

Terrible Ted The Pirate

💀💀💀Arrrrrgh!!!  Beware !!
I'm Terrible Ted the Pirate
I sail the seven seas
If you want to board my vessel
You'd best be saying "please" !
We grant nobody shelter
If they aren't scurvy pirates too
So stay clear of Terrible Ted
Have a grand time wreaking havoc on Talk Like A Pirate Day - a day reserved for the scurviest of the scurvy, the terrible-est of the terrible, and the meanest of the mean!    Just remember to laugh along the way.................
Terrible Ted

Timmy and Miss Fitz Pirates Fierce

Yarr Fierce Fitz we are on our ship ye named the Felines Fierce
Arr Captain Terrible Tim we are flying the TCC on our yardarms
And Proud we are to do the deed my Fierce Friend 

The Crew is about done on that pillaged ship The Tasty Treat
And a fine job they did too Yarr

The Scurvy Crew have returned with the prize!
Join in the feast with the Felines Fierce Ye Pirates of TCC
Yarr Ya shood digin inz

Captain Terrible Tim & Felines Fierce Crew
Fierce Fitz
Barnacle Buddy

Meow Like A Pirate Day with Noelle and Raz

Ahoy!  Noelle 'n Raz are here t' celebrate Meow Like A Pirate Day. Yarr! We always like participatin' in this event

Scowlin' Lea Scarr (also known as Noelle)

Cap'n Diego Poopdeck (also known as Raz)

Sail ho! Have somethin' to eat before we set sail

Our Sisfur  Cap'n Lindsey Snaggletooth  is joining us on the S.S. Furkids

Shiver me timbers! Happy Pirates day