Thursday, February 23, 2012

Casper and Cleopatra

This is my sister Cleopatra. This is a rare picture

as we don't sleep much together any more.

I feel bad for her as she wants to play with me
and I don't want to play anymore with her as

she get is a little rough and I'm getting older.

But I have to agree with Mom she is a

Pretty Girl.

Minnie & Me

I bet you are surprised that I am posting about a sibling as most of you know that I am an only furrie in the house here but . . .
. . . you see I have the bestest of the best sibling of all. A stuffed sibling. This is Minnie and Me so her nickname is MinnieMe. We have lots of fun together. We like posting for the camera, don't you think we look a lot alike?
Minnie likes it when I give her a bath. . . She is the best sibling as she doesn't take my toys, blankies, mom and dad's lap, mom and dad's time, take my treats, eat my food up , or bother me when I am catching zzzzs . . .  

. . . sometimes I play like I am angry with her when she sneaks up on me but I really am not mad at her. Minnie really likes that game. Yep, after hearing all stories about the troubles of having real siblings I am thinking that having Minnie for a sissie is just right!

Now I don't want any of you stuffing your real sibling. That wouldn't be right and you would make your folks very sad if you did that.

Grace's sons ... errrr, brofurs?

Grace lives with two of her sons, but the boys are only about 9 or 10 months younger than she, so they all really act like siblings! This is the way Grace likes it -- with the boys far away from her!

These guys usually snuggle up together, which is the way Grace likes it! Ruse is on the left, and Audace is on the right. 

They DO like to snuggle together!

And once in a while, they manage to get close to their momma, too -- but only when she's already fast asleep!

Brothers and sisfurs

Our mum aka kitten climbing frame and feeding station

As far as brothers and sisfurs are concerned, I am an only cat nowadays. But - a year ago I did have siblings – 2 girls and 2 boys, as I was living at a Cats Protection League foster home awaiting homing. We used to have a great time, running around, play fighting, and using mum, who was called Poppy, as a climbing frame. It could get a bit rufty tufty sometimes, and sometimes it got smelly too when we all used the litter tray.  Toys were thin on the ground -  a few kitten food boxes and one or two balls.  Even now I still like to play with my own tail.
We had kitten food boxes as toys and a few small balls with bells in.
The best bit was at the end of the day when we would all snuggle up together and sleep.  All my brothers and sisfurs and our mum all went to good homes, including two others on the same day as me at exactly two months of age.  It was a big change for me to move away but I soon got used to being the only cat in a house full of humans (and a tank of tropical fish).  I do have a human child to play with, who loves me, and there are not many other cats in the area, which suits me just fine.

Do I Love my Brother? Do I Love My Sister?

Here is a companion picture to the one posted on our blog yesterday.    Nice happy scene, right?  Brother and sister peacefully waiting together to come inside.

Ah, kitties, let us let you in on a secret.     We really mostly just coexist and "parallel play".     Audrey will climb on the couch close to Simba, but never the other way around.** Simba's world was definitely upset when Audrey came here to live in June last year.     Sharing is not easy for him, and considering how much has changed, he has been pretty tolerant.     We sometimes have some chase games, but Simba gets a bit rough and then Audrey hisses vehemently.   Drama Queen, says Simba.     Mom says the worst is when we BOTH want dinner and are hanging around the human(s) in the kitchen.   Both of us get pretty irritable with each other at that time.

Dad says having each other around makes life more interesting for each of us.   It sure makes life more interesting for the humans!

** After Mom had put this post up, Audrey felt the need to demonstrate how SHE climbs up near Simba, but not the other way around.     Mom has never seem us this close!  Note the pained expression on Simba's face.

Tommie Says...

First there was just my sister Grace Lillian Pussycat and me.
She was a real pain in the tail when she was a kitten, but she got better.

Then Mom said we were going to foster a kitten because there
was no room for him at the shelter.
Mom said, don't worry, he'll go back to the shelter when he's a little older.
Well, that was almost 2 years ago, and there's no sign of him leaving.

His name is Mickey Mouser and he's not all that bad. I guess.
Grace Lillian still thinks he's kinda stinky.

Brofurs and Sisfurs: Sunny's and Sky's Opinion of Panda Bear: A Rebuttal

Greetings furriends! We are Sunny and Sky, two of The Furry Bambinos. We are biological siblings, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE our brofur Panda Bear!

This is our first post to Tabby Cat Club. ::waves paws hello and gives head bonkies::

We take great umbrage at Meerkat's previous post regarding Panda Bear, her biological brofur. We LOVE Panda Bear, as he was the first of The Furry Bambinos to welcome us when we were foster kittens and students at Furry Bambino Foster Academy.

This short film sums up how both of us feel about Panda Bear.

If it does not play, click here to watch it on our YouTube channel.

We believe that we speak on behalf of The Furry Bambinos when we say that Meerkat can be a real PITT (pain in the tocks) sometimes.

Brofurs and Sisfurs: Meerkat's Opinions of Panda Bear and Padre

hello furriends! my name is Meerkat, and i am one of the furry bambinos. my biological brofur is Panda Bear, and i have 5 more siblings (Padre, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky). this is our first post to the Tabby Cat Club. ::waves paw hello::

for today's post, i want to make it purrfectly clear how i feel about Panda Bear, my biological brofur. this short film sums it up well.

if it does not play, click here to watch it on our youtube channel.

on the other paw, Padre is my cuddle buddy, and we love each other very much.

i believe that i speak on behalf of the furry bambinos when i say that Panda Bear can be a real PITT (pain in the tocks) sometimes.

Siblings - Love Them or Hate Them



Was it something I said?


Moosey's Brofur Sammy :)

Here's my brofur Sammy.  Isn't he a handsome mancat?  Even though we're not super snuggly with each other -- and even though we always try to eat each other's food -- I DO love him!

Sammy and me playing peek-a-boo (just before smacky paw)

He makes me, Mommy and Daddy smile all the time with his antics. :)

Here's Sammy showing me how to sun puddle surf

Have a great day, everybuddy!



Oh, sure, I love my brother

Derry here.

Everyone knows Nicki and I get along okay (something for which the human is deeply thankful), though we don't cosy up to each other.

But sometimes it's a pain in the furry butt having a sibling, especially one who's "alpha."

Someone hogs the silvervine kickeroo:
Someone hogs the other toys, too:
Someone gets first dibs on the coconut oil and honey mixture the human eats:
Someone's always first into boxes:
And someone's always pestering me with the tussling!
I get my own back, though, kitties, because my "brother" isn't a lap cat, so I'm the one who gets cuddled in our human's arms and smooched to pieces. And I like it. So there, Nicki! Pffftttt!

-Derry and Nicki at Fuzzy Tales

Brofurs & Sisfurs I Has Them by Socks

 My Sisfur Arty Mouse to know her is to love her.

 My human brother Youngest Boy Bean. He is a very sweet boy technically I am HIS CAT.

 Eldest boy bean, he is very nice to me. He and I miss Whiskers a lot. Whiskers was the best brofur ever.

Fenris, we gets along fine as long as he keeps his distance. Arty lets him slobber all over her. I don't wanna kiss no dog, even if he is my brofur.

Scylla is all hissy, Daddy named her well but I loves her anyway. We likes to sleep together. I won't play with her though cause she plays too rough. ~Socks

I Love My Brother, Dakota

Hi everyone! This is Cody and I am pleased to introduce those of you who may not know him to my brother Dakota!

Dakota and I both came to live with Mom and Dad in 2007. I came on July 28, 2007 (2 weeks after my Grandpa Bobo crossed over the bridge at the age of 18), and Dakota came on October 19th, 2007 (one day before Mom's birthday!)

Mom had a unique way of introducing us to each other. She read online to put perfume on her, me and Dakota, bring his crate in (with him in it) and let me investigate! It worked like a charm! I circled that crate and sniffed and sniffed. I only hissed at him ONCE (just to keep him in line!) and we have been the BEST of friends ever since!

He is the BEST Sheltie brother EVER!  Wanna know why?

He knows that I am the BOSS!

He gives me kisses EVERY DAY!

He lets me drink from his water bowl

He keeps me company when waiting for Mom & Dad to return home when they are out

He is the bestest doggy to play "chase" with!

He drops some tasty crumbs and I am there to make sure they are cleaned up!

There are many more reasons why I love Dakota but I don't want him to get a swelled head.

Dakota also has his own blog! If you would like to visit him you can do that here

Brofurs and Sisfurs - Love 'em or Leave 'em

Hi fellow club members and guests, Tamir here. I wanted to show you a short video of me with my sisfur Ellie.

Ellie certainly can be really Bad sometimes. Here I am trying to enjoy a little Bird TV. You can hear me meow a hello to the birdies at the very beginning of the video and you can tell how happy I am by my loud purr. About halfway through the video, Ellie comes by. Wait till you see what she does to me. As a Good ManCat brofur, I just turn my head and go on purring!!

Bestest Sisfur

When the Girl went to Collich, the mom replaced her with a meezer!  The mom always said she would!  Since she adopted Mica Minnie Moo to keep me company and so I'd have a playmate, she is my very own pet kitty!  And you know how folks are about their pets.  MMM and I are very close.

One morning the mom woke to find us enjoying a sun puddle:

We are sisfurs and bestest friends!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Carmine!

Hello everyone!

Carmine's birthday was on Saturday!!  We have a collage of pictures over at our blog of him if anyone is interested in seeing some of his memories :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine For You

Here I am celebrating Valentine’s day this week – complete with new heart-shaped ID tag, which replaces the one I lost in the garden on Friday, and my pink and white jumper with a red heart on my back.  I am lucky that I am loved and cared for by my human family, but I know that many cats are not so fortunate.  So my Valentine’s day wish is that all cats living in sancturies or with charities can find good homes like mine.  A happy Valentine's day to one and all.

My Card

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Happy Valentine's day

Tees made this special Valentine's card for his special girl Lucy. Hope she likes it. Hope everyone has a great Valentines day with lots of love and many hugs.

Valentine Butt

Valentine's Day 2012

Whew!  We made it in time to wish all our TCC friends a happy celebration.  Now we can nap.  Zzzzzzzz.

Joey's Valentine Wish

Sending showers of Valentine wishes 
to all our friends and their families on this special day!

Happy Valentine's Day
from all the Cats of Wildcat Woods

Be Mine?

I am really looking for someone to be my special Valentine. You see I have been single for quite sometime now. My ole boyfriend just disappeared leaving me no explanation leaving my poor sweet heart broken. I am ready to jump back into the dating game and think this time of year is a good time to do so. Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Catnip is green,
Mousies are gray,
You all have my love,
Especially today!


Happy Valentine's Day from Moosey! :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everybuddy!

Big hugs, nosetaps and smoochies,

Moosey [and my brofur Sammy],
and our dad ("meowmeowmans") and mom...
Oh, and of course, all the kittehs at PAWS, too!

Happy Valentine's Day from Fuzzy Tales

Happy Valentine's Day! Smooches from us! 
Nicki and Derry at Fuzzy Tales