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October Newsletter by Teddy

Happy October Tabbies!

October is a fun month - after all, Halloween is almost here and you know that means costumes, pumpkins, treats and MORE TREATS!     Of course we will be celebrating here at the Club with some Halloween fun as usual!

Meanwhile we have our usual monthly posts and we hope you will contribute to those.

October Club Activities

Wordless Wednesday - October 2nd

Caption This - October 16

TOCK-TOBER - October 20

Scary Photo - October 22 (photo of you looking scared/frightened looking at something OR just plain scared!)

Halloween Party - October 31

A Peek Ahead To November Club Activities

 Halloween Aftermath (how you spent the day after the Halloween Party??) - November 1

Wordless Wednesday - November 6

Caption This - November 20

This month we were going to have a PART TWO of our Founder, Gracie's, story.    She's sharing the scoop about how she came to find her FOREVER HOME and has already shared with us how the Tabby Cat Club got started.   However, since we have a FEATURED TABBY this month, she is postponing Part Two of the GRACIE STORY for another month.   Stay tuned - we'll have more from her I'm sure!
As I said, we DO have our very first "FEATURED TABBY" this month and many of you know him already since he's a member of the fabulous Kitties Blue at THE CAT ON MY HEAD - he's Sawyer, the newest addition to the family Blue.    Sawyer has a lot to say so make sure and read his story.  It's fun AND inspiring all rolled into one.   If you would like to be FEATURE TABBY in a future newsletter, please just let Gracie know.    It's "easy peasy" and you deserve to strut your stuff!   An added bonus is that if YOU are the FEATURED TABBY - you will also appear in a special banner for that month designed by Gracie!

Featured Tabby - Sawyer

Introducing Sawyer Blue!  He is special for many reasons, but we think he gives you a wonderful overview of himself in this fabulous poem he wrote with a little help from his Mom, Janet.    We are so happy he's a member of our Club.    You can visit him and the other Kitties Blue at their blog by clicking the ADORABLE photo of him here.   Make sure and visit the Tabby Cat Club to see the cute banner Gracie did featuring the adorable Sawyer!

Lucky Cat

My name is Sawyer and I’m a tough little dude.
I’ve tons of moxie and a can-do attitude.
I am a Manx cat, which means I have no tail.
I’m also a grey tabby cat and a male.
I was found on the deck at a vacant house,
Living off of bugs and the occasional mouse.
Less than three pounds I weighed when I was found.
I thank God I wasn’t taken to the pound.
I was brought to a house on Thanksgiving weekend.
I didn’t know for myself I’d no longer need to fend.
I also didn’t know there were eight other cats
Or I’d be living a life only my wildest dreams could surpass.
When I was allowed to mingle, I made friends with a calico.
Her name was Lily Olivia and she was very old.
She died a couple months later as a matter of fact.
She was almost nineteen and, like me, a rescued cat,
I can only dream of becoming such a revered senior,
As I have a seizure disorder and my prognosis is poor.
It is hard to be just two years old and afflicted this way
And need to take medicine four times each day.
My seizures can be very scary.
Never knowing when one will happen makes Mom wary.
I’ve had a few that my humans were unable to stop,
Then into the car we have all had to hop.
My dad then drives us to the emergency vet
To get me stable and back home to rest.
Where with any luck I’ll have some quiet days
To spend on the catio and at the birdies gaze.
I have a big brother named Cooper Murphy
He’s a huge ginger tabby and really quite goofy.
Like me he was rescued from living outside
When it was winter and snowing with no place to hide.
There are six more cats with whom I coexist.
Most are nice; while others are misfits.
They all can be a gigantic pain in my tush.
Nevertheless, I am one lucky puss.
I have a loving home in which to dwell
Where My life is grand and I’m treated swell.
And now I pray all animals can find good homes
And, like me, never again the streets have to roam.
© Sawyer Blue 09/25/2019

Coming Attractions

We hope you'll do a Halloween post AND attend the TCC party too.    Lots of ghouls and goblins will be out celebrating and we want the Tabby Cat Club to be part of the fun.................FALL means FUN right?

Help Wanted!    

Yes we  need your help updating our email list.    If you no longer want to receive email from the Tabby Cat Club, please let Gracie know.   It's time we updated the mailing list so now is your chance to opt out.

Extra - Extra - Read All About It!

This TCC Newsletter is going to be sent out to each of you every month instead of having to sign up to receive it!    We will also publish it at the Tabby Cat Club.   We have been doing the Newsletter in a separate blog which just requires more maintenance - so we will send it out to everyone on our MAILING LIST now instead.

Onward Tabbies!     See you next month............



Hey everyone, Happy Tock-Tober. I will be hosting an event here at the TCC on October 20 to cellybrate my late, grate bro Derby. He was also a member of the TCC.

You know the drill, show us your tocks!

Friday, September 20, 2019

We R Pirates Fierce!

Arrr Mateys we are Captain Terrible Tim 
Furst Mate Fierce Fitz

Yarr We R grapplin Booty from a Ship we Sunk with a Broadside
Arrrr Join in the Nomming

Captain Terrible Tim
Furst Mate Fierce Fitz

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Happy Pirate's Day

It's a pirate's life for me

I have been asked what is the hardest part about being a pirate?

I think for me it is keeping my dang hat on . . . 

Happy Pirate's Day everyone.

Teddy The Pirate

I LOVE Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

One day a year we get to make believe we're rough and tough and mean when we're really just adorable and sweet kitties.......but isn't it FUN to PRETEND!

Arrrrrg!!!!!  I might look a little bit scary but not as scary as this guy:

Happy "Talk Like A Pirate Day" mateys!

Pirate Hugs, Terrible Ted

Happy Pirate's Day 2019

AHOY Mateys!
How arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh ye?!

Ye know what special day today be, yes?   Arrrrgh......it be MEOW Like a Pirate Day all across the great sea of the blogosphere and whoa be to the scurvy critter who doesn't pawticipate - for they shall walk the plank!!

Have ye a snack before ye walk the plank though.....the sharks shall enjoy gnawin' on yer bones better if you've had a good meal from the ship's chef first!

OR, ye can help yerselves from the Pirate Buffet Table.......even we pirates don't quite trust our SCURVY Cook so we brought a pirate caterer in with more food!

The Pirate Bar will be open all day and into the late evening, what's your pleasure?

And, if you can't find a favorite food, try the buffet!

And should ye survive the food on the ship, ye may join our Pirate Crew and sail off for more adventures on the high seas!   We'll be plundering and pillaging our way 'cross the open waters soon!

ARRRRGH......it's a Pirate's Life for Us Mateys!

Pirates Gorgeous Gracie, Rascal Raz, and Terrible Ted.


Ahoy Mateys,

It's Squidlips Bones Byrd (aka Cooper Murphy) here to meow like a pirate and invite you to join my little pirate brofur, Sawyer (aka Stinky One-Eyed Biggs), and the lovely Periwinkle Puffy Pants (aka Noelle from Friends Furever) on their tour of Pirates Bay on the S.S. Tabby. 

You can find them in a separate post.

I am heading there now. I hope you will join me. And if you have time, stop by Kitties Blue blog.


Meow Like Pirate!!

Ahoy, mateys. It be yer captains, Periwinkle Puffy Pants

 'n Stinky One-eyed Biggs  

invitin' ye t' set sail wit' us t’day on th' S.S. Tabby fer a trip round Pirates Bay. We’ll be visitin' all th' grog halls 'n rum parlors fer th' meager price o' jus' one doubloon 'n th' use o' yer first born t' serve as mates aboard this fine ship.

We be of swashbuckling buccaneers. but nah scalawags, 'n we shall make certain ye arrive back in port safely at th' end o' th' day. We won't stand fer any misbehavin' aboard this vessel, such as drunkenness or womanizin'. So mind yer p's 'n q's or ye shall be waikin' th' plank like any low-life hooligan.

So hop aboard. No pushin' or shovin'. Captain Puffy Pants will be collectin' yer daggers 'n cutlasses as neither fightin' nor brawlin' shall be tolerated. She shall give ye a voucher t' claim yer weapons at th' end o' th' day ’N one o' ye shall be selected at random t' collect this here booty chest filled wit' th' misbegotten wares o' th' Ladies Opal "Loud Limey" Docherty 'n Mabel "Lazy Jackets" Rugged. 
Aft turnin' in yer weapons, hand o'er yer doubloon 'n youngun’ t' me, Captain Biggs. I'll be teachin' them t' hoist th' sails 'n man th' riggin's afore we set sail.

Wishin' all a good beginnin' 'n better endin’.

Stinky One-eyed Biggs   = Sawyer from The Cat On My Head
Periwinkle Puffy Pants = Noelle from Friends FurEver
Thanks to Mom Janet (aka Opal "Loud Limey" Docherty ) and Mom Sharon (aka Mabel "Lazy Jackets" Rugged) for help with our pirate day post.

Meow Like a Pirate with Raz

Ahoy Mateys!  Here I am Lord Salem Upshaw of the good ship Miss Osefina Deep Blue Sea.
I be ready t' head t' sea t' pilage 'n plunder

join me in a sip o' grog afore I go

visit our tale t' see more pirate fun.  Click HERE to teleport over.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019