Friday, January 30, 2015

Gotcha Day Giveaway

For those who haven’t yet entered, I have a really cool giveaway on my blog sponsored by Catnip Confections. It was my 9th Gotcha Day and I want my Tabby furrends to win. There are bonbons, peanuts and assorted candies in catnip, silvervine, valerian and honeysuckle. You can enter here. Unfortunately, it’s a U.S. only giveaway.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Timmy and Miss Fitz Way Down Under

We want to thank Dinnermintz and Pickles fur the great idea of a TCC getaway to warm and sunny Australia!
Really just purrfect Miss Fitz. Lets have some fun!
Alright Timmy lets get our boat

A really nice waterfall Timmy.
Hey look, down there, hand me my scuba outfit!

Hi Dinnermintz, Pickles, thanks for a great trip!
You are welcome to join me and Fitz on the beach for
some cookout noms.

HEY! Where is my fresh fish? Did you two already eat it?
Watch it Timmy they can kick!

Who would have thought those kangaroo's had never met a kitty?
You bet Miss Fitz. They gave back that fish and much more to make us welcome down under. I do prefer a nip mousie than those silly Kultarrs.
Yep they are definitely a bit odd with those big ears Timmy

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Beach Party ~ Socks & Scylla

A big thanks you to Dinnermintz an Pickles for inviting us to this wonderful Beach Party to celebrate Australia Day.  It is winter where we live so we were thrilled to get to visit summer. We had almost forgotten what warm felt like.

Socks had a blast playing limbo. Personally I thinks he had one to many meowgaritas.

And I hates to say it but because of the meowgaritas, I am late posting this. I took a nap on the nice warm beach and well, it was so relaxing I just wanted to stay there for ever napping and drinking meowgaritas. ~Scylla reporting for ATCAD

Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy (late) Australia Day!

Hi All! We finally made it! Happy Australia Day!

First thing we did was go see Ayers Rock. Boy was it incredible!
We would have been here sooner, but we got lost  on our way back!
Thank goodness we found our way back to the beach!
While I was taking a nice nap in the sand, Ralphie was making friends.
We are looking forward to some shrimp on the barbie with everyone!
Thanks so much Dinnermintz and Pickles for inviting us Down Under for fun in the sun and a barbie on the beach!
Marty and Ralphie

Happy Australia Day

Sorry I’m so late. In a year called 2012, my furrends and I pawtied in Australia. Here’s a pic of the fun we had. I’m right in the middle and you can see Mario and Pumpkin Puddy. We all had a wonderful time raising money to save the bilbys. They’re such cute little guys.

Much like this pawty, there were hunnerts of us in attendance. You’ll have to biggify this pic to see me on the far right. There were cats, dogs, ducks and bunnies in attendance.

Thanks to Dinnermintz and Pickles for welcoming me back to sunny Australia. *Raises glass of Fosters*

(Images were made by the late Jane Forster, huMUM of JessieJaney.)

Australia Day

Down Under

Lexi: Hay Y'all weez heer too sellubrayt Australia day wiv owr Aussie furiends. Diz beez soz much fun. Sis Dezi and me laid owt on da beech fur a while and din weez wendid scuba divin' and fownd a terdle. It wuz grayt fun. Faynkz fur spawnzerin' such a pawsum eebent Dinnermintz and Pickles. 

Dezi: Oh yes sissy wusn't this fun? Me had a gweat time. And da turtle wuz even bigger than me. Da ocean is so purretty and blue. Back home weez got muddy water and ponds. they ain't nuffin' like what yous all hav here. And da noms awe pawsum. Weez so glad we kuld purrticipate. 

Lexi: Till da nex time............Beez Blezt!!!

Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez

Lexi and Dezi

Australia Day Beach Party and BBQ, by Simba

Our Aussie friends Dinnermintz and Pickles have invited the Tabby Cats to a special BBQ at the Beach to celebrate Australia Day, January 26th!   I have been counting the minutes till January 26th came around.

First I want to work up an appetite by doing some snorkeling:  the fish here can grow to be quite some size as you can see:

After snorkeling with Dinnermintz and Pickles and other TCC members, it will be time for some good eating - the fudz here is just awesomely delicious!       As my contribution to the BBQ, I have prepared a couple of seafood platters.   Come on down to the beach by the BBQ grill and help yourselves to some!

Thanks Dinnermintz and Pickles for hosting this wonderful party.    And thank you also, Fozziemum, for making these awesome pictures for me so I could participate in Australia Day.

Ausssie Day With Gracie


I would like to thank Dinnermintz and Pickles for hosting this fun event today.
When I heard we were heading to Australia today I could not have been more happier. I have been there before and have such fond memories I am looking forward to going back.
Have my suitcases packed, favorite Aussie hat, and passport.
Ready and set to go.

As soon as I arrived and checked into the hotel I headed out on a Pink Tour. I asked a few of my friends I had met the last time here if they would want to join me. I also saw some old friends along the way. Oh what fun to be back. 
I could not make this trip without visiting Ayres Rock.
The most beautiful reef in the world, The Great Barrier Reef.
I could not pass up visiting here.
I spent a good amount of time enjoying the quiet and beauty here.
Oh please do not worry about the shark in the background that is Bruce, my friend.
Bruce is the shark from the movie Finding Nemo and he is very friendly.

The surf is up and I enjoy riding the waves with my friends.
Last time I was here I took a trip with boy sweet boyfriend Tamir. Angel Tamir and I had so many special and wonderful moments together.
Remembering my Angel loves.
Before I head back to the states I will spend quiet time on the beach I shared with my dearest. Do not think this as a sad time for me but a time when my heart is full with memories of the fun times we shared. I toast to my nephews, Roscoe & Opus; my niece, Olive; and my sweet Angel Tamir and will place a rose in the sea. Those that have touched my lives are always close to me leaving their footprints on my heart forever. I feel that way from my favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt ~Many people will come in and out of your lives, but true friends will leave footprints on your heart~
Again, thanks to Dinnermintz and Pickels for hosting this fun event. I can hardly wait until I get back here again.

Aussie Day - Yay!

Oh what a joy it is to celebrate Aussie Day with Pickles and Dinnermintz, two of my good friends from "Down Under" !   

I decided to take you up on your offer to take us around to show us your beautiful country - first stop for me was scuba diving with you girls....................WOW..................

Then I just HAD to wander around the countryside to see some of my favorite Aussie animal friends like the koalas.............

And what would a visit to Australia be without a taxi ride in style??????

What fun..............thanks for being Hostesses for this wonderful day in your lovely country.......I won't ever forget it Pickles and Dinnermintz!
Your Forever Friend, Sammy

Aussie Day with Raz

First I want to thank Dinnermintz and Pickles for taking us on this great adventure!  It sure is pretty here in Far North Queensland!!!

I decided to go snorkeling with Dinnermintz and Pickles....  I got my scuba gear and headed down to the beach....

Hey....where is everyone?

I finally caught up with  Dinnermintz and Pickles....what fun we had.

Whoa....look at this beautiful have to biggify to see me...I'm almost camouflaged! 

This guys were really friendly.....I was exhausted after my scuba diving so I took a nap with them!!

Thanks again Dinnermintz and Pickles...this was a blast!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Australia Day evfurry

Happy Australia Day evfurry and come join us in a bbq beach pawty..

We haz the BBQ all set up..and will be servin lotz of noms..snorkelling and scuba diving makes you furry hungry! Wonder who iz whipping lunch up today?
So help yourselfz...

And Beerz as well....

We haz a spa room set up fur relaxin those tired bonez..

Scuba diving is so much fun..

But we still iz cats and ..well they haz catered fur evfurry here MOL..
Maybe a bit of fishin too?
Make sure you all haz a great day this Australia Day an celebrate all the wonderful sunshine and food  and music!
Thanks fur joining us at the TCC and thanks to Gracie Raz an Sammy for letting us shares our day!
Paw pats an loves Dinnermintz an Pickles xxx

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Aussie Aussie Australia Day Celebrationz

Hi evfurry! Dinnermintz an Pickles here.
We would love to invitez all TCC members to join uz in celebrating Australia Day on the 26th January.

We haz decided to invite you all Down Under fur a BBQ Beach pawty..

We haz chosen a lovely island in Far North Queensland so there will be sun and swimming!

We can go snorkelling fur fishies or scuba diving we can play cricket on the beach and evn just pig out on the BBQ an buffet..
So please join uz as we share our special day..we iz a furry young country but furry proud of our little place on earthz..

Please  feel free to take some picshures from below an pop yourself in any place you want to haz fun .
Thankz so much to Raz an Gracie an Sammy fur letting uz host an event we hopez you all enjoy!

Come join uz evfurry!

We will haz a full buffetz an foodablez an drinkz ..places to relax and unwind too..
and much more on the thankz again evfurry an see you there
Paw Pats Dinnerminzt an Pickles