Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Introducing TCC member #76! My little sister Willow!

Eh-hemmm.   It is with great pride that I introduce to you, 
Tabby Cat Club member #76, my sister

Uh, Hi everybody... I'm Willow and I'm really, really happy to join what Dexter says is the coolest, most funnest club in the cat blogosphere!  He has told me how much fun you all have and what a pawesome job Miss Gracie and Mr. Raz do!

Mom told the first part of my story over on our blog, Cherry City Kitties and she promises to do part 2 when she gets "caught up".  I don't really know what that means, but I hope she doesn't get hurt when she does it!

Dad told me that I'm a special kind of tabby, he says I'm a Torbie, which means I have tortishell colors AND Tabby stripes.  I don't know if that's special but as long as Dad thinks I am, that's all I need.

I have been zooming around the blogosphere getting to know some of the elebenty squillion other kitties out there.  I have even been practicing to be a diva cat sometimes, there are some really good role models out there and I have even been practicing "a look".  It's not perfected yet, but it will be killer!

So I can't wait for my first event as a new TCC member.  I can hear purrs of welcome from all of you and I feel at home already!  

Love, Willow



Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Welcome to the Tabby Cat Club. You indeed are special and such a beautiful kittie. Our next event is going to be on July 8. Will be fun to see how you and Dexter are spending your summer.

Marilynn said...

Welcome, welcome!! You'll LOVE it here!

(and her servant)

meowmeowmans said...

Hooray! Welcome to the TCC, Willow! Dexter is right -- you will love it here, for sure. :)

Big hugs,

Moosey (your honorary brofur)

Kjelle Bus said...

Welcome to the TCC , Willow !
I think your "look" already looks pawsome :)

The Florida Furkids said...

Welcome to the Tabby Cat Club!! We know you'll have fun here!

Raz and The Florida Furkids

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Hi Willow, welcome to the TCC. You have "the look" down pat and I thinks Torbies are very unique. "The Girls" are oohing and ahhing over your markings and colors. ~Socks

Karen Jo said...

Welcome to the TCC! Torbies are special and very beautiful. I think you have the look down pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Willow, you're so beautiful, we don't think anyone will mind if you put on a diva catitude. LOVE seeing you sitting on the window ledge. Purrs...

Timmy Tomcat said...

Hello Willow! So honored to meet a real Torbie! Meow! The Man Cats here are in agreement that your look is, well, looking good. Purrs from the Tomcat Home.
So we will see you...

Fitz: "AHEM"

Oh, yeah, sorry, Willow Ms Fitz is our
Lady Cat and a fellow member to TCC.

Timmy Tomcat

Fuzzy Tales said...

Welcome, Willow! We know you'll have a great time here! :-)

Katz Tales said...

Welcome to the Tabby Cat Club! We love your stripes.

Steve Finnell said...

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Nerissa said...

WELCOME! What a pretty name you have. Pretty name for a pretty kitty.