Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's in a Name?

OK, here is da story of how I got to be Wendell.

After something called 9/11 Mom was sad and scared and finally decided that a cat would help her feel better. She had thought about getting a kitteh for a long time but one Friday morning she just decided dat today was the day and she got out her phone book (yeah, dey still had those back then) and found da name of one of the shelters near her.
My first full day home.

At da shelter, after I made her choose me, they didn't have any little cat boxes to put me in. So they put me in an old dog biscuit box which was very demeaning and they taped it up and Mom put it in the passenger seat of the Honda and started driving home and of course she got lost. And I started crying from inside da box so she opened da top a little bit to pet me.

She's so stupid.

I exscaped from da box and crawled right into her lap. Den I stuck my head in da steering wheel 'cause I wanted to drive and get us unlost.

I got a little bigger over da years.
And den Mom got all, "Wendell, no!" Basically she needed a name to give me to tell me not to do something. And she'd thought about the name Wendell before and it just sort of came out. Den I went to sleep in her lap and she droved home.

She threw a bunch of other names around. I was almost Ethan. Ethan! But den her friend Patti came over and said, "No, this is a Wendell," which was confusing 'cause I thought I was a cat.

And dat's how I became Wendell. Sometimes she calls me Turkey Butt or Itchie Cunningham or Stinky Pete or Baby Boy or Buddy but mostly I'm Wendell.  Here is a video from da day after I came home.

She also decided that I'm retroactively named after da chef in da old Cinnamon Toast Crunch commershuls 'cause he's Wendell too. And 'cause she likes cereal.

De End.


Cat said...

Oh Wendell we love your name :-) What an adorable kitten you were who grew into such a handsome mancat!!!

Julie Baugh said...

You are most definitely a "Wendell". I'd never heard the name before I met you but it suits you down to the ground.

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Wendell is a brilliant name. There is a dude called Oliver Wendell Holmes that writes poems we like.

Oui Oui said...

We love your story and your name! And what a little cutie you were. We had a big laugh about you being taped in a dog biscuit box, but it was a little demeaning, wasn't it?

The Furries of Whisppy said...

What a beautiful story! We think that it was plain rude to stuff you in an old dog biscuit box AND taped the box up! You have certainly grown into your huge ears, Wendall!

Love, Cosmo and Ling