Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day

Another human holiday is upon us furries. I have decided to take the holiday time and hide, I mean hang out, in mom and dad's bedroom as the grand beans are here.

I do love the grandbean sooooo much but the three year old little one makes a lot of noise plus he doesn't always close the outside door to the house. Mom puts me in lock down so I hide under the bed when the little one finds me.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend.

Thanks to Sammy for making our participation award.
You may pick it up at his post below.


Katie Isabella said...

Sweetheart, my mommy will have to do the same. Her grand bean is 5 months old and soon will be crawling. BUT his parents are cat people so that will help. Plus mom will guard me.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Oh my you gals sure have a lot to deal with the little beans. Dad kind of wishes we had some around. Maybe we can share yours Gracie and KI. Watch fur sticky hands MOL
Miss Fitz