Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blest Sunday at the TCC

It's Blest Sunday!!!

Lexi: Well itz Sunday, and fur us dat meenz weez Blest. Weez like too pozt owr blessinz eber week jiz soz weez member dat noze matter what elz beez goin' on in owr livez weez habz lawtz too beez faynkfull fur. And diz Sunday weez arr gunna beez maykin' an egztru speshul poztee on owr blog faynkin' eberpawdy hoo helped us owt durin' da lazt foo mumffz. Now I'z noze what youz finkin', youz finkin' dat weez meen too faynk awl doze dat gibbed too owr fundrayzer and owr paypal akownt. 

Dezi: And they wuld be pawtly wight sissy. But weez also fink dat purrayers and all those encouragin' words peeps had fur mommy and us awe gweat blessings too. Weez know there wuz times when mommy wanted to just giv up cuz hers just didn't fink hers kuld keep fightin', but then one or mowe of ow pawsum furiends wuld send an email or purrsunal message or make a comment tellin' her to stay stwong or dat they wuz purrayin' fur us, and it wuz just da boost hers needed to keep goin' on. 

Lexi: Yep Dezi, and faynk catnezz day did. Cuz lookit us now. Mommy habz a pawsum chair datz gunna help herz fur lawtz of yearz too kumm, and weez jiz gawdid da nu dri mattrezz, and I'z gawdid stepz kummin' nex week. Weez akshulee gawdid part of 'em yesfurday, but day wuz speshul mayd jiz fur us soz dayz beez kummin' in 2 sepurrut boxiz. Weez gawdid da top halv Caturday and da bottum halv iz on itz way. And der wuz enuff muneez too git a nu mikrowayv kart too replayz da one dat browk. And too git youz (and of korz me) a big jigantor litterbox and a nu red bayr fur youz Meow/Gotcha dayz. And din da manujmint finelee kaymd fru and replayzed da pawdee wiff da tawl wun and da nu fridj furinelee gawdid heer too and itz nize and tawl and roomee. Soz owr partmunt iz lookin' grayt and da nu plianzez arr werkin' good. Weez noze dat nun of dat wulda eber bin pawzibull ibin nawt fur awl owr furiendz.

Dezi: And their furiends too. Cuz there wuz peeps hoo gave dat weez didn't know and not just cuz they wuz anonymous. And we know there wuz peeps purrayin' fur us fwum all ovew da world. Fing is dat all those purrayers kep us goin' and kep peeps donatin' so we kuld weach ow goal. And then we even bypassed it. There wuz sum confusion 'bout da fees da cwedit cawd company chawged but all got stwaightened out and it turns out dat those fees awe weally chawged to da donors and so nun of dat came outta da donations given in da fundraiser. Da total YouCaring showed is what wuz actually deposited to the paypal account fur us. We fawt yous wuld all like to know dat no fees wuz charged to us or Miss Linda. We awe so gwateful to hav each and evewyone of you in ow lives. Each day we all log in and shawe a bit of ow lives wiff udders acwoss da net. Because of these 'puters we awe able to reach peeps and anipals fwum all ovew da globe. When me came to liv wiff mommy me kulda nevew magined havin' furiends outta state, much less acwoss da pond or on a diffewent continent. But we awe so glad we do. Lexi always sez weez hav da bestest furiends and framly in da universe, and she's so wight. 

Lexi: Youz bet I'z rite Dezi. And sum of doze furiendz bekumm soz klowz to us day bekumm owr dopted furmily. Soz weez mayd a werd jiz fur dem, and weez kawl 'em owr framly. Git it? Furiends, furmly? Weez just pudid it toogedder and mayd it wun werd, Framly. Youz noze da hawlidayz arr heer, and wiff dem kummz sellabrayshunz of awl kindz. Sum habz grayt nomz and sum git toogedder wiff doze furmly memberz day lubz, and sum gibz gibtz, but noze madder how youz sellibrayt weez hope youz awl member wun fing, and datz jiz how blest youz arr. We noze dat weez will beez gibbin' lawtz and lawtz of Fankz fur awl of youz diz hawliday and eberday. Weez arr trulee Blest!!!

Dezi: We hope yous will stop by ow purrsunal blog today fur a special Fank you message fwum all of us and da gwand tour fwu ow newly wemodeled pawtment. We also wanna fank all of yous hoo purrticipated today and posted yous blessings. Of all da blessings weez hav had wecently da most impurrtant and da bestest of all is YOU! Ow furiends. We weally luv shawin' a pawt of ow lives wiff yous and weez purreciate yous shawin' a pawt of yous life wiff us. Weez go fwu wiff drawels when we miss a posty because we worry weez missed sumfin' impurrtant goin' on in yous lives. Weez nevew fawt we wuld evew be sayin' this 'bout social media, but......wiffout it weez nevew wulda met any of you. And you all hav shown us dat good peeps do still exist. And you hav shown us so much luv, support and acceptance dat we hav been humbled by da heart and soul dat makes up da animal force on da net. Us animals and da peeps dat type fur us twuly hav taken ovew social media. And by duin' dat we awe bwingin' a joy and luv to da world dat it has been missin'.  Fank you again fur just bein' you.

Till da nex time......................BE BLEST!!!

Lubz and Hugs and Kitty Kissez

Lexi and Dezi


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post and what a wonderful idea to celebrate all that we have with a Blessed Sunday postathon. I know I feel blessed for every single day I have with my Mom and Dad and when I visit my blog buddies I realize all over again as I do each day that I'm blessed with good friends. Thanks to you and Lexi for hosting this pawsome celebration of LOVE today.

Hugs, Sammy

Timmy Tomcat said...

Oh My Catness Dezi and Lexi our family is so glad to be blessed with you and your Mom as our dear friends. It is an amazing community we all belong to and that we can give the most important thing to each other, love, really blesses each and all.
Purrs of love from our family to yours.
Miss Fitz

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

We feel so blessed to have had the chance to be friends with you.

Marty the Manx said...

You are a blessing our friends and you know how much we luvs you! Thank you for hosting this wonderful day!
Marty and Ralphie

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

THANK YOU fur being YOU <3

adn thank´s for hosting this this event :)


Anonymous said...

Fank yous all fur purrticipating. Weez so honored and Blest to hav met yous all and become yous furiends. Weez shawe in yous joys and sadness and hopes and dweams and only want da besteest fur yous all. Weez luv and adore each of yous and yous furmilies. Weez purray Gods richest blessings on you all.

Luv ya' bunches and buches

Dezi and Lexi

Cathy Keisha said...

I’m blessed for know you and everybuddy else in the TCC and CB.

meowmeowmans said...

What a wonderful post and event. My mom and dad were away during it, so I did not get to join in, but we all really enjoyed reading about how you are blessed. You are blessings to us! :)

Hugs and headbonks,