Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

It's a Fankful Fursday

Lexi: Well weez wuld never miss an awpurrtoonitee too pozt bowt bein' faynkfull. Weez jiz gawdid da emayl soz weez hope weez duin' diz rite. weez habz soz much in ow life too beez faynfull fur dat weez kuldn't eeben begin too lizt dem awl, soz weez jiz gunna lizt a foo fingz.

Dezi: Dat's wight sissy. Weez awe so very blest. Just in da past kupple of mumffs we got a new chair fur mommy and a new dwy mattress, and yous new steps, dat we boff use. But mowe than dat, weez got so many furiends to be fankful fur. Each and evewyone of you awe so very special to us. 

Lexi: Yep Dezi we shur arr blezt. And weez soz fankful fur owr mommy. Boff of us shulda and wulda died ibin nawt fur her. Weez relee hit da jackpawt when mommy fownd us. And youz noze what? Eeben doe weez beez poor weez habz soz much. Az weez goze intoo deez hawlidaze weez hope eberpawdee memberz too stawp and gibz faynkz fur awl day habz.

Dezi: Yep cuz no matter how poor they be Lexi ifin they be wakin' up dat day then they hav dat bweaff to be fankful fur. Weez not elebwate like most peeps cuz weez not hav da munny too, but weez giv fanks dat weez togedder and hav anudder day to enjoy each udder. there's always sumfin' to be fankful fur ifin yous just look wound. Sure yous might hav to look at yous situation wiff diffewent eyes, but you do hav sumfin' to be fankful fur. So fanks Gracie fur hostin' a Fankful fursday. We awe fankful to be here to post and to be members of da Tabby Cat Club.

Lexi: Yep Dezi we arr purrowd too beez Tabby Cat Club memberz. And youz arr a grayt Cat Scout. Weez habz a suck sessfull blog and facebook payj. And weez lernin' awl da udder soshul meedia sitez too. soz tooday and eberday weez jiz faynkfull too beez heer.

Till da next time................Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugz and Kitty kissez

Lexi and Dezi


Kwee Cats and Art said...

Mumsy tries to tell us something about, learning to appreciate what you've got...gosh, this learning thing must come real easy for us! On account we are very appreciative and thankful for all we got.
Hugs, sweet girls.

Anonymous said...

We all have the BEST thing of all too - LOVE - and I know we're all thankful for that above all else.

Hugs, Sammy

Marty the Manx said...

Those are some wonderful things to be thankful for ladies :)
Marty and Ralphie

Timmy Tomcat said...

We are thankful that you are our furends Lexi and Dezi
Miss Fitz