Monday, January 23, 2012

A Big Yawn

And Lucy says

it's time for bed

with apologies to Zebedee at the Magic Roundabout.



haopee said...

Awwwm Lucy, you made me yawn.

Yawning is socially contagious.

With the right caption, you can look like a loud rock singer screaming on top of her lungs to hit the high note.

Huggies and Cheese,


ArtemisiaFSS said...

Lucy, I agree with you it is time for bed. Wait I just got up. ~Socks

Simba said...

Makes us sleepy just to look at your yawn, Lucy.

Simba and Audrey and Mom

Marg said...

Hi there Lucy, you are making all of us yawn now. Good one.

caspersmom said...

Lucy, go for it. Great yawn


meowmeowmans said...

Lucy, that yawn is contagious! We just yawned over here after we looked at your cute picture. :)

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

So glad you are feeling better and great to have you here with our yawning event. Great photo.