Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy NOMS Day

I live on five acres out in the country. Oh the friends that come and visit me, though some of them make me run from window to window trying to figure out how to invite them in.

Here are a few of my NOMS friends . . .

Mr. Turtle lives in the pond with his family but he does like to visit .
Many deer live by and stop in from time to time.
When the geese come in they give me plenty of warning as they honk when they land.
They splash down in the pond.
I outlined Mr. Bunny so you could see him.
He lives nearby and I see him just about every day.
Isn't he cute?
Mr. Heron is a very sensitive birdie. He does not like anyone around at all. If he sees anyone in the house move he will immediately fly away. He likes to fish in our pond.
I marked Mr. Robin so you could see him.
The birdies really drive me crazy.
I just seem to want to get closer to them.
Mom knows that is not a good idea.
Plenty of bugs and spiders out here.
Today an insect stopped by.
I saved the best for last, Mr. Ground Hog.
He is the one who make me go the most craziest.
He will even come up on the deck by my condo.
I think that is rude and he eats our grass!
I hope I get used to him but so far that has not happened.
As you can see there is plenty going on at my house. Never a dull moment.
Thanks Raz for hosting this fun event and Sammy for making our participation badge.


Unknown said...

Goodness me Gracie i know how you feel..when we see things out the window we get all twitchy MOL..we love the Deer and Hedgehog especially as we do not get them here..and yes the Herons that visit our dam are super quick..ask Mum as she hides in her camo gear (not even joking) and they still fly off before she can get a picture MOL..great NOMS Gracie...paw pats Dinnermintz and Pickles xxx

Angel Simba said...

Such a great variety of NOMS there where you live! And a human willing to get pictures, too. Love your groudhog face to face - ours just ambles by in the distance.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

You sure have a great variety of noms over where you live , Gracie !

We have Deers and Bunnys over here out in the field.
I have never seen them but my mom-person see´s them everyday when she drives to work :)


pilch92 said...

I like how you outlined the bunny :) You have a lot of NOMS friends :)

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

We thinks the groundhog wants to come in and play with you.