Thursday, October 15, 2015

LiveStrong 2015

Photo by Zoolatry

Today I am dedicating my post to Livestrong. I am wearing  yellow to raise awarness of the many people that live with cancer. This is a terrible disease that affects millions of people world-wide. Each of us probably knows of someone fighting cancer now, has lost the fight. Within the next couple of years possibly you will be affected by someone you know facing the fight of their life.  Wear the yellow today to help raise awareness and honor all that have had to deal with cancer and are dealing with cancer.

In Memory
My uncle and mom Ca. 1950

What Cancer Cannot Do:
It cannot invade the soul,
suppress memories,
kill friendships,
destroy peace,
conquer the spirit,
shatter hope,
cripple love,
corrode faith,
steal eternal life,
silence courage.

Dedicated to:
Mom's family:
Raymond Young Little 1915-1992 Father
Ronald Ray Little-1942 brother
Elgie "Pat" Boise 1880-1956 Grandfather
Naomi Gruber 1915-1990 Aunt
William Gruber 1934-1993 Cousin
Betty Gruber 1932-1995 Cousin
Luetta Buerher 1910-1992 Aunt
LaNatte Wood 1928-1992 Cousin

The family misses you.


Sandee said...

Cancer can do so much but it cannot do what you posted. Excellent.

Have a blessed day and weekend. ☺

Timmy Tomcat said...

Thank you for this Gracie. Dad lost his sister this year to this bad disease and he was so upset as she had breathing problems when all along a tumor was deep inside where no one saw.
Please all take care of yourselves when needed and remind your pawrents to get regular check ups. Most prevention is covered at no-copay due to the changes in health care so please get your check ups
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete