Monday, August 28, 2017

The Tabby of a Lifetime

Remembering Sweet Lexi

Hey all you tabby luvvers, Dezi here. We're here today to celebrate those sweet tabbies who are no longer with us. They're not the only ones being 'membered today, but we were fortunate enuff to have the very bestest tabby the world ever knew. Now, me knows you feel the same way 'bout your beluvved tabby, and that's okay. Truth is, the tabby cat, which is a color pattern and not a breed at all; is known fur bein' one of the bestest natured kitties on the planet. Me believes me's sweet sisfur Lexi was the bestest of all. She was never even s'posed to be mommy's kitty. That's right, sweet Lexi was one of the biggest foster failures ever. 'Course, mommy should'a known that was gonna happen the minute she saw that tiny little striped kitty layin' there in that shoe box clingin' to life. Mommy fell hard and fast and didn't even know it till it was too late. 

Sis Lexi and her littermates minutes old.

By the time somepawdy wanted to adopt sissy, mommy decided no home but hers was actually good enuff to house the little Empress. It wasn't 'bout money, cuz mommy didn't have any. It was all 'bout luv and devotion. Sis Lexi luvved mommy as much as mommy luvved her. And talk 'bout devotion...those two finished each other's eveythin'. Mommy honestly never 'magined a day without sissy. Sis Lexi and mommy had known loss. They lost sis Lexi's brofurs, 3 times over, but never considered a day they'd have to say goodbye. Me joined mommy and Lexi when sissy was 10 years old. Even at 10, sis Lexi was still young at heart. and let me tell ya' kittens, she sure 'nuff put me in me's place and let me know who was the boss. Even so, she was gentle 'bout it, and grew to luv me as much as she luvved mommy. 

She taught me so much 'bout luv and helpin' our mommy. She was the bestest Service kitty ever. And, the bestest sisfur ever. She was by mommy's side fur 17 years. Thru good times and bad times she never failed to make mommy smile. Till the day she could no longer fight to stay. Mommy and me were devastated. We still don't understand why God needed sis Lexi in heaven. Or why, He thought He needed her more than us. But, she's gone now, and all we have are the memories and the luv she left us with. 

Devon yawning, sis Lexi and brofur Lucky
in the sink.

Sis Lexi and brofur Lucky in window perches

Some days are easier than others, but we think 'bout her every day. Each night when we say our purrayers, mommy's always sure to ask God to give sissy an extra hug and kiss from us. Tabbies.........God's marvelous little treasures. Some day another may grace our doorstep, but there'll fur sure never be, another like sweet sis Lexi. Good night sissy, we luv and miss you terribly. We'll see you again by the river of life, when the Son calls us home. 

Me and sis Lexi

Thank you all fur lettin' us share a few of our memories of the great Empress with you. You can ketch up with me and me's new sisfur RaenaBelle over at our own bloggy, Deziz World. We share Training Tips, fun and adventure, and well, a little bit of everything. Hope to see ya' there. 

Till the next time......................................Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses




The Florida Furkids said...

Beautiful tribute to Lexi.


pilch92 said...

That was a beautiful post about sweet Lexi, she was a special girl. XO

Anonymous said...

A sweet post for your Angel Lexi....she certainly left a forever mark on the hearts there at your home AND all who knew her.

Hugs, Teddy