Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A special gift for Pia on our special day...

So by now you've heard across the blogosphere that today is the one year anniversary of the happiest day of my life... the day our very own ginger tabby princess, Miss Pia Bean Cole, declared her loves for me across the interwebs.

Not too long ago, Pia was musing about how she thought that what the world truly needed was vehichles out there with her lovely face on them, driving around out there in the world... Pia Mobiles!

Well I couldn't agree with her more. So with a little help from our friends, let's take a look at the newest roadsters out there...

 Look what our fearless leader Gracie spied in her driveway!

 And Derby and Ducky found one in their garage!

 And look, there's one in Sammy's mom's garage too!

 Scylla and Socks have a pair of Pia's in their driveway!

Someone in our honorary Brofur Moosey's family is drivin' a purpley Pia Mobile... is it Mom Tracey or Dad Kevin we wonder???

Raz showed us just how sporty a Pia Mobile can be!

Timmy Tomcat's dad Pete tools around in this sporty red model!

Marty and Ralphie's mom catches a beautiful Iowa summer day in her Pia Mobile's window

 And of course my mom drives her cherry Subaru Pia mobile (and yes, she really does eat weeds...)

And my dad drives one too! (uh dad,  I know your car's older than Harry, but for cod's sake, clean up that rust... my girls picture is in your window!)

 HOLY FREE-HOLIES!  Look what Dinnermintz and Pickles spotted in the outback!  It's my Pia on walkabout in the Outback!  Watch out for the dingos sweetie!

 And finally this "classic"  It's our friend Tommy "drivin' Miss Pia" ... wish I was riding back there with you my love!

Thanks tons and tons to all our furriends (and their peoples) who helped spread my 'lil beans dreams of bringing "Pia to the People!".  Now you won't let this go to your head now, will you sweet one?  After all, you wouldn't want your princess tiara not to fit you well, right?

Every one grab a "Pia Purple Niptini" , a piece of sushi or two from the purple plates or if you have a sweet tooth a pretty purple cupcake and enjoy.  We both say a big thank you for making this our most specialest day ever, our very first anniversary of loves.

Dexter & Pia


meowmeowmans said...

MEOW! Those Pia mobiles come in every size, shape and color! Who knew? (Dad Kevin's car is really indigo blue, but it looks purple in certain lighting conditions - like when we took this picture. MOL)! :)

What a wonderful way to celebrate your first anniversary, Brother Dex. I just know your girl is loving this beautiful declaration of love.

Hugs and headbonks to you and the whole family,


Hannah and Lucy said...

Concats to Pia and Dexter on their first anniversary.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy anniversary! Those Pia mobiles are just awesome, we're glad so many were able to participate!

The Florida Furkids said...

Pia Mobiles are everywhere!! Happy Anniversary! This is a pawsome way to celebrate!!

The Florida Furkids

ps - It looks like Timmy's Dad and our Mom drive the same car...just different colors!

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Wishing you two a very Happy Anniversary! You are such a cute couple! Thanks for the refreshments. Toasting you to for many more years of happiness. Cheers!!!

Friday and The Girls Meowing It Out Loud said...

what a pawsome anniversary!! We also wish you many more years of happiness!!

Colehaus Cats said...

Oh! OH! Dexter! This is amazing, beautiful, special, and hilarious all rolled up into one big heart-shaped ball! Thank you, everyone, all of you for making so many Pia-Mobiles possible! I had no idea how stylish and sporty they could look until you all showed me and the world. Thank you!

And special thank yous to you, sweet D. I am the happiest ginger girl in the world right now and it's all because of you. Happy Anniversary, Dexter!

Kisses and purrs,
your 'lil bean, Pia

Timmy Tomcat said...

Wheee what a great fun affair. Hows about the meow that Raz's Mom zips about in a cool ride like Dad does. May you and Pia have a fine day Dexter. Now lets have at those good noms
Timmy and Miss Fitz

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Concats to Pia and Dexter on their first anniversary !
It was fun watching all those Pia mobiles :)

Marty the Manx said...

Happy Anniversary Dexter and Pia! Hope you have had a wonderful day! Great Noms!
Marty and Ralphie

Fozziemum said...

Happy Annipurrsary Pia an Dex..we say many many morez an what a lovely celebrashunz....great nommies too MOL MOL..paw pats Dinnermintz and Pickles...pee ess..we iz dingo free zone MOL so you furry safe ....xxxx

Just Ducky said...

We love all of the Pia Mobiles! Happy Anniversary to you both.

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

We have been looking forward to seeing all the Pia Mobiles all day. It's too bad that Eldest Boy Bean wrecked both our PURPLE cars, since that is Pia's favorite color.

Cathy Keisha said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!

www.shelter-cats.com said...

Happy Anniversary! Tommie was happy to take you for a spin- where do you want to go next?