Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NOMS Day Special

WooHoo it be NOMS Day!!!  Here's tu all of yous fur bwingin' joy into ow lives. Habz a Pawsum day!!!

DEZI:  It's NOMS Day, a day tu celebwate all those dat not be kittys and cats.  Weez be a furmily dat only has kittys, and mommy of course.  But sumtimes weez fink mommy be a big kitty ain't day wight Lexi?!  MOL  But since weez been in social media weez made furiends wiff all kinds of special NOMS.  Weez met doggys and bunnys and birdys and piggys and so many mowe.  It's been so much fun tu meet so many special NOMS and learn all 'bout them and.......  

LEXI:  And to make furiendz Dezi, don't furgit 'bowt dat.  Da moztezt purrtant part iz dat weez mayd lawtz of nu furiendz.  

 DEZI:  Yous wight Lexi.  Weez luv all ow furiends.  Bein' diffewent dusn't make yous bad or scarry, it makes yous special to us.   

 Heer weez are awl drezt up like bunnyz owrselbz
 rite Dezi?Yep Lexi meez finks weez make good
bunnys. What awe weez gunna be nex? 

 LEXI:  Yep daz rite Dezi, dey beez berry speshul.  Weez noze diz pozteez pozed to beez 'bowt awl spee-seez udder den kittyz, but weez wanna sayz dat awl da dibbrunt spee-seez beez wunnerfull in der own way.  Weez eeben habz sum NOMS dat bizit us frum time to time heer at owr howz.  Weez habz a coon furmily dat kumz rownd eber fawl to azk mommy fur SPAM, and weez habz lawtz of skwirlz dat libz in da big oke treez owt frunt.  And weez eeben like da bunnyz dat ayt awl of mommyz vejee-taybullz shez tride to plant and grow when weez moobed heer.  Eeben mommyz furgibben 'em.  MOL  Purrawlee owr faybrit biziterz heer at da howz beez da hummerz (hummingbirds).  Weez nawt seen many diz year, but in yearz pazt weez kuldn't eeben seez da parkin'lawt cuz der wuz soz many of dem on da porch.  Weez fink weez beez sum reely blezt kittyz tu habz met and befuriended soz many speshul and pawsum NOMS.  Weez awlzo blezt to know and beez furiendz wiff soz many wunnerfull kittyz and hoomanz. 


Dis be one of da bunnies dat runs wound ow
complex and eats evewpawdys vegetables. MOL

DEZI:  Yep weez awe Lexi. So a Meowsy Happy NOMS Day to yous all!!!  Weez a little late makin' ow posty but mommy's been busy signin' ow new lease and hers wuz tired last night after havin' hers eye lasered.  Ifin yous follow us yous know all da twubble weez gone fwu tu get these fings dun, so they wuz vewy pawtant fur us to get dun.  And even tho' weez be a little late weez wanted tu make a posty fur such a wunnewful day.
 And OMC Dat be me layin' there at da picnic table. WooHoo  Fank yous Gracie.

Luv and Hugz and Kitty Kissez

Dezi and Lexi


The Florida Furkids said...

Happy NOMS Day. You two really understand the meaning of this special day!!

Thanks for pawticipating!

Marty the Manx said...

Your post may be late, but it is very very special! Happy NOMS day sweeties! You are so special!

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Happy NOMS Day! Your bunny looks a lot like my bunny. They are really fun to watch yes?!

Fozziemum said...

Happy Noms day Dezi an Lexi...you haz bunnies like uz an squirrels..we would loves quirrelz MOL paw past Dinnermintz an Pickles xxx

Cathy Keisha said...

Bunnies DO make good noms. MOL!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Happy Noms day Dezi and Lexi. We saw your bunny friend in the grass - he looks very cute. We are so happy pleased that your Mommy got to sign the lease and got her eyes lasered. At last things are getting better for your family.
Take care of yourselves.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx