Sunday, May 24, 2015

Race Day at the TCC

Well evfurry today is the day..i am so proud to say i passed my co-piloting test with Raz and away i can go!

Raz was the perfect instructor and taught me all i need to know about flying the Blimp!

 It is an old tradition and started as advertising for the Goodyear i felt very honoured to be asked.. some countries tyres are spelled Australia we spell it tyres..clear as mud right MOL..

Anywho i was so pleased and a bit scared to take over from Raz..but his training kicked in and i had a blast!
And Madi he was a perfect gentleman cat :) ..
So while i was high in the sky..Pickles was left to represent us in the race!
I don't think her helmet was a regulation one but she was pretty hot and thirsty..i bet she got a penalty..MOL..

She was also called on to help young Marco Andretti with a problem with his car...she sure has many talents..MOL..

I am just glad she kept her tail away from the engine..she has such a long one it could have been a problem!

So from high in the sky i say have a blast..we can't wait to catch up with evfurry and see what their day was like!
Again thankyou Raz and Gracie and Sammy for hosting a super fun event and letting me fulfill a dream of flying high in the sky!
Paw pats Dinnermintz...Roger ..over and out..


pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Great job learning to pilot :)

Anonymous said...

Dinnermintz you are a FABULOUS (and beautiful of course) ginger co-pilot for Raz! You are now qualified to fly blimps anywhere. Thanks for being part of our TCC Race Day!

Hugs, Sammy