Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cinco de Mayo 2018 Party

The Tabby Cat Club Celebrates
Cinco de Mayo!
It's me - Angel Cinco Sammo and my little brother Ted-ole' !


and me Razo Cinco

Today we're celebrating all things Mexican - food, drinks, fun....

Have a seat and enjoy some of this wonderful food we have prepared for you all....
Grab a sombrero if you didn't bring one and stay in the shade!


We have tacos of all kinds....
Platters with enchiladas, rice, and refried beans.....


Hot tamales!

Shrimp Diablo (ai yi yi....HOT)

And for dessert......homemade flan.......

You'll need something COOL to drink with your HOT meal, so why not try a meowgarita, a Mexican soft drink or something else delightfully cool and delish???

If you're feeling lively (and want a little exercise after eating all this yummy food), why not get up and do a little Mexican Hat Dance???????
Our official Tabby Cat Club band will play some appropriate tunes for us....

OR, if you want to take out your frustrations of the day, WHACK a piñata????
Make sure before you leave the party to take a little souvenir of our Cinco de Mayo party - we have a little mini-piñata for each of you as a remembrance of our Tabby Cat Club Cinco de Mayo day!

THANKS FOR COMING - we hope you had fun............Don't forget to take your participation badge with you either so you can tell the world that you celebrated  today with the TCC.......

Ole' !   

Official TCC Pawticipation Badge
Your Hosts, Gracie, Raz and Sammy


Anonymous said...

OH BOY - the party is already rocking and it's early in the morning! We Tabby Cats know how to keep things HOT huh?

Hugs, Teddy

Kitties Blue said...

Ted Ole is just about as funny as Mexican Jumping Bean. All this food is so nommy. Thank you so much. This is Sawyer's first Cinco de Meow, and he is having a blast! He may want to give a try at the Mexican Hat Dance.

The Florida Furkids said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

Raz and Noelle

Anonymous said...

Dancing! Hats! Food!
And things to whack!
Best part ever!
Purrs Marv