Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Hug Your Cat Day !

One of my favorite days is something we celebrate at my house EVERY day which is having a good old hug.  It might not be a "conventional hug" - maybe I squirm just a tiny bit but I'm just not a huggy kind of guy.   I love my parents to bits but my kind of hug is the "leg hug" or "face bump" kind of hug.    I love doing that.    It's the "holding me and squeezing me" kind of hug that I'm not a BIG FAN OF.

I did make an exception in the first few days that I came to live with my Mom and Dad.   I wanted them to know how happy I was to be living with them and out of the shelter.   Mom got her squeeze in and so did Dad.    Nice of me right?

I also was very good at hugging my white mousie which Angel Sammy left behind for me to play with when he went to the Bridge........I hugged it until it fell apart!

Make sure today you get your official HUG from your family and friends though - after all - if someone made it a SPECIAL DAY we should take advantage of it and get some hugs right????

Hugs all around.............Teddy


pilch92 said...

Such sweet photos. Happy National Hug Your Cat Day! XO

The Florida Furkids said...

We love all of your hugging photos!!

The Florida Furkids