Thursday, January 6, 2022

Cuddle Up Day With Teddy

 Well I have to admit right up front that I am NOT much of a cuddler........I'm an independent kind of guy and love to play with my Mom and Dad but cuddling - not so much.    The only time I cuddle is in the middle of the night (when Mom can't take a photo of me).......I hop up on her side of the bed and lie down next to her for a few minutes (literally just a few!!) and let her give me pets and whisper to me while I purr....then I hop down and am off.    SO - cuddle pictures - don't have them - now Angel Sammy was a cuddler.  He loved to nap on Mom's recliner on her lap or by her legs.   So I'm sharing some old flashbacks of him with Mom on CUDDLE UP DAY here!

He loved to cuddle with Mom for sure.......
SO we are a CUDDLE kind of family but I'm just not a CUDDLE kind of cat!

If you like to cuddle - do it today since we're celebrating CUDDLE UP DAY.
Hugs, Teddy


pilch92 said...

Very sweet photos of Angel Sammy. XO

World of Animals, Inc said...

It was so nice seeing these flashback photos of Angel Sammy's cuddle time. These are just the sweetest photos. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a beautiful rest of your week.
World of Animals Rittenhouse

Adorapurr said...

I love to snuggle, Teddy, especially at night under the covers, draped over my meowmy's arm. I get very cold at night, so I need to absorb her hotness, and she says she also absorbs mine. I love seeing the photos of Angel Sammy. I know he's enjoying the warmth over the rainbow bridge. Purrs, Dori