Saturday, June 4, 2022

Hug Time!!

 Did you know that it's HUG YOUR CAT day?   Well it is.    We hate to re-run these photos but they are demonstrating that my Mom and Dad DO know how to hug me even though I am a squirm type of cat who does NOT like to be hugged!    Yes I know - it's not fair that I'm so adorable yet won't allow hugging but of course Mom and Dad do SNEAK hugs from time to great peril I might add!

I did allow Mom to hug me - this is just to show you all that I was HUGE when I was 11 months old - that's when Mom and Dad adopted me from the shelter......I was a big boy then AND now!   Mom grabbed me and held me before I had a chance to protest!

Poor Dad - had a heck of a time corraling me as I always wanted to be on the go - this was me in my first harness (I quickly outgrew all four of the harnesses they got me!) and it was as close to a hug as he could get.   

But that does NOT mean that I don't love my Mom and Dad.   Hugging is swell but I show them every day that I love them......and they show me the same!!!

HAPPY HUG YOUR CAT DAY - and I hope all the rest of your Tabby Cat Club kitties cooperate with hugs better than I do !

Love and HUGS, Teddy


The Florida Furkids said...

Hugs are great!!

meowmeowmans said...

Teddy, we can totally see the love between you, Mom, and Dad. :)

Marilynn said...

I love to hug Grace and her son Audace, too, but neither of them will stay still for hugs. I know they're happy here with me, though — and for more than the food! I do wish they'd let me hug them!!

(Grace and Audace's secretary)

RescuesAndMore said...

Hey! I love the hug your cat idea!
Not every cat cooperates. But we have two out of four
who love hugs!!


pilch92 said...

Very sweet hug photos.