Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Would A Cat Do Rules?

Put on your thinking cap and join in the fun on Monday, April 9 as the Tabby Cat Club is having another fun event, hosted by Sassy. This event is called ~What Would A Cat Do?~ There are three situations along with three ways to handle things. You pick which situation you are in and answer, based on your personality why you acted like that way tell us why you chose that situation.

Everyone is welcome to participate on your blog if you want and link to the Tabby Cat Club. Below is the list supplied by Sassy for this fun event. Have fun with this, I know I certainly did. Gracie

        Situation #1
Your human accidently leaves your treats out on the kitchen cabinet before leaving for work.  You are not allowed on the cabinets, but you really, really want some treats.  What would you do:

a)      Getting on the cabinets behind your humans back would be wrong, no treats for you\
b)      Sucker! She left them out, you are getting on the cabinets and eating treats until you barf
c)       Talk your brofur / sisfur into getting on the cabinet, knocking the treats off, report to Mommie that your bad sibling did when she returns home
        Situation #2
Your human comes home from work depressed.  She starts telling you all about her bad day.  What would you do:
a)      Listen and try to find a solution for her.  Her problems are your problems
b)      Paste a concerned look on your face and pretend to care while thinking how glad you are that you do not have to work
c)       After determining that this problem will not in any way affect your current napping schedule, walk away
Situation #3
Your human is having guests stay at the house for a week.  What would you do:
a)      Any friends of Mommie are friends of yours.  You welcome them
b)      They smell funny, plus they are sleeping in YOUR play room, leave them a “present” in their open suitcase
c)       Ignore them, make them beg for your attention


Meowers from Missouri said...

we all agreed on 1(b) an' 2(c), but we had diferent ansers to 3. ed an' xing voted (a), an' nitro an' iggy both said (d) hide in terror (slinking out only inna dead of night to pee or eat) an' don't come out until they're gone.

ZOOLATRY said...

Let's see now ... in Sit. #1 we
would definitely go for "B" ...
And as for Sit. #2 without question the right answer is "C",
and for Sit. #3 well, it has to
again be "C".
Truth be told, t'wasn't too hard
to answer these questions, but then we're cats, smarty cats!
Maggy and Zoey