Monday, April 9, 2012

What would Oui Oui do?

Situation #1 concerning the treats on the counter:   I would ignore them.  I am a very fussy eater, and just when the mom is convinced I like a food because I ate it days ago, I refuse to eat it anymore.  She opens cans of my "favorite" foods just for me, and I walk away!  And laugh up my sleeve in a corner.  I couldn't eat the treats because I'd rather keep her guessing, and a little frantic.  I'd love to see her in the store trying to figure out what I will eat!

Situation #2 about how I handle the mom having a bad day at work.  Well, I had a GOOD day, so what's the fuss?  I ate when I wanted, napped when I wanted, played when I wanted.  If she wants to join in the fun, that's good.  I'd enjoy some scratches and purrs.  If that makes her feel better, that's even better!

Situation #3, having guests in the house.  So long as they don't sleep in my favorite spot, I'd treat them like family.  I'll be expecting scratches and playtime.  Maybe some treats if they can figure out which ones I'll eat!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Good answers, Oui Oui, especially on #1.

Derry is VERY picky re: canned, but when it comes to kibble or treats, we'll eat pretty much anything.

We also like your laid back attitude for #2 -- you're right, YOU had a good day, after all. :-)

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

You are a very wise tabby and had very good answers!

Oskar said...

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If you're interested you can e-mail me at PBU at comcast dot net.

Nubbin wiggles,

It's a Weinerful Life!!! said...

BOL!! We love your style. That last picture, you are too cute. We hope you didn't get into too much mischief today. Happy Monday. ~Weinerful Life~

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Oui Oui you are a very smart cookie. ~Socks

Katie Isabella said...

Oui Oui...a girl after my own heart.

Hannah and Lucy said...

I am with you on answer No. 1 - I take pleasure in seeing her open the yesterday's favourite and ignoring it!
Luv Lucy xx xx

meowmeowmans said...

Oui Oui, I really like your answers, especially #1. The mom and the dad bought a whole case of this one kind of fuds after I "liked" it. Well sure, I liked it *that* one day, but do they serisuly think I'd like to eat it *every* day? MOL.