Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Naughty? Who.....Me?

OK - I knew sooner or later someone would MAKE me confess to my occasional naughtiness so I guess I'd better "tell all" right?  

Once in a while I'm either not in the mood to go outside for a nibble of sweet fresh grass - OR - as has been the way it was this Winter - my beloved greenery outside is covered in the evil white stuff known as snow.   I ask nice at the door to go out for a peek and when I get out there - not a green blade of grass in sight.  It's depressing to say the least for a guy like me who loves grass.

SO, I decided that in the absence of OUTSIDE greenery, I might take advantage of the fact that Mom has a few indoor plants.   Nothing poisonous mind you - but things that are tough on the stomach nonetheless and I've learned NOT to nibble those.   However, there is ONE plant that is just about irresistible. 

It lives in Mom and Dad's gets lots of nice light there and it's spending the winter in there because it USUALLY lives on our front porch but would have been murdered in the first frost last Fall so inside it came.   Lucky me.......

Doesn't it look delicious comfy there on the edge of the Jacuzzi?   See those nice long fronds hanging down??  YUM.......nice and tender they are and in a pinch - when nothing is available OUTSIDE for munching, this is my snack of choice!  

Mom does not appreciate my "trimming back the fern".......she has no sense of humor!   Naughty?  Maybe......but on the other hand, a guy needs his greens right?
Mom can't stay mad at me for long.......I just give her my best "cute face" !!

Thanks for hosting this fun day Angel Clementine and Samantha!  

Hugs, Sammy the Fern Muncher


Dianna said...

Oh, Sammy.....that's IS naughty, you know!
But - I'm sure your mom doesn't mind TOO much!
Love, Sundae

pilch92 said...

Sammy, I thought you never got in trouble. That isn't really bad though, you are just helping out.

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

You do not have a naughty bone in your body sweet friend. You are just trying to help your mom keep the fern trimmed.

The Florida Furkids said...

You're so helpful how could she NOT appreciate it?

Thanks for pawticipating!