Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Waffles Guide to Naughty

Hi everybody, Waffles here.

You know how when you really want to chase the feather but there's nobody on the other end of the wand toy? 

Or you really want to play fetch but everyone is on their computer and too busy to see you waiting patiently, staring at them?


1. Find One of These
They're easy to find. 
Just look next to the human litter box chair.

2.  Unroll
Be careful. The paper is very fragile. 

3.  Ooops!
That's okay. There's LOTS of paper on the roll. 

4.  Extra Credit for Chasing
If you let go, the paper will try to roll away.  
Bonus points if you can catch it.

5.  Warning: Paper Chase
In extreme situations, the paper will chase you
Do NOT let it catch you. Ever.

Hey Everybuddy! 
Did you know it's Waffles Wednesday over at GLOGIRLY?
I'm sailing in my very own SUBMARINE today
and you're invited to come along!


Gracie=^o.o^= said...

OMC this looks like oh so much fun! I have never tried this before and might have to give this a try. I don't think this is naughty at all.

Anonymous said...

Waffles it looks to me like even an old guy like ME could enjoy shredding the TP! I may not have a lot of gusto these days but I have "dedication" and once I make my mind up I DO IT!

Thanks for the idea......
Hugs, Sammy

Katie Isabella said...

Waffles! Your FACE!!!!

The Florida Furkids said...

We need to try that...thanks for the tips!!!

Thanks for pawticipating!