Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CB Paris Trip - Moosey, Oui Oui, Dexter, Willow (and our families)!

BONJOUR everybuddy!  It's me, Moosey!  I made it to Paris!  As you can see, I'm palling around with my honorary siblings, the Cherry City Kitties (fellow TCC members Dexter and Willow, and Harry Nutkin and Tipp) and my good buddies from Twinkletoe Tails (TCC member Oui Oui, and Julie, Carlos, and Mica Minnie Moo)!  Here we all are yesterday in the gardens at Versailles:
Then we went inside the palace.  There are SO many rooms.  You could fit A LOT of kitties in there!  Here I am with the Twinkletoe Tails Gang in the Hall of Mirrors:
It was super tiring exploring the entire palace, and we needed to catch our breath.  This is Marie Antoinette's bed that Dexter, Willow and I are resting on.  It was very comfortable!
Then it was off to see the Eiffel Tower!  All of us who are Tabby Cat Club members thought it was a great opportunity to take a picture together.  That's Oui Oui, Willow, Dexter and me!
TCC friends forever!
All that sightseeing made us really hungry.  Everybuddy thought fish sounded good, and we found this sushi restaurant (who would have thought?).  As you can see, Dexter and I were trying to figure out whether or not that woofie was nice.  He was!
 Today, we started things off at the Arc de Triomphe.  Hey, Harry and Oui Oui ... watch out for those cars, okay?
Then we visited some pretty gardens.  We played in the grass, which was lush and green.  Here are Julie, Carlos and Tipp taking a little break:
Paris also has awesome museums.  Here's Mica Minnie Moo, having some fun at the Musee d'Orsay.  She sure does a great lion impression, doesn't she? :)
Good one, Mica Minnie Moo!
We also went to the Louvre!  Check out Harry demonstrating (with the Venus de Milo) how he gets his mom's attention. MOL!
Scratch, scratch, scratch...
Then we walked around the city.  We got off the Metro (subway) at the Ile de la Cite station, and when we came out from underground, we stumbled upon ... wait for it ... THE BIRD MARKET!  No, seriously!!!
OMC!  Can you believe this???
 And here I am with my honorary family, the Cherry City Kitties, in front of the world famous Moulin Rouge.
Tipp, Harry Nutkin, me, Dexter and Willow

Big thanks to Gracie for hosting this summer's Cat Blogosphere trip.  We're having so much fun! We're all tuckered out from our adventures so far.  So it's off to the hotel for some rest.
Bon Nuit! (That means "good evening!") :)


Oui Oui said...

Moosie, ce qu'est un travail impressionnant! Nous l'aimons! C'est le meilleur de tous!

(Thank Ceiling Cat for Google Translate!)

Moosie, we had such a great time with you and are so excited your dad took all these wonderful pictures of all our experiences! Huzzah! You are da bomb!

Kitty kisses,
Oui Oui

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

What an amazing trip. Odin would have like to come but he got stuck in French class. Stop by, We're giving French lessons for all the cats going to Paris.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

I thought I saw you at Versailles, boy were there a lot of tourist there. ~Socks

AnnStaub said...

Wow Moosey that looks like it was a fabulous trip! How fun :)

Cherry City Kitties said...

Oh Moosey, this was the best vacation EVER! Thank you tons for inviting us along,it's always fun to spend time together. We also loved meeting OuiOui and the gang, friends make things much more special!

Purrs and headbonks, your honorary family... Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow

pee ess: Micah Minnie Moo, you look furrrrrocious!

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

OMC! We are just missing each other at there wonderful places in Paris. How long will you be at the Moulin Rouge? I am going there later.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Hey everycat! We thought that was all of you going into the museum. We heard they were going to call security on some cat poking the statues so did a detour to the Eiffel. Now we know who! MOL
Hope we run into you!
Timmy and Family

The Florida Furkids said...

Such fun! We've been to the Arc De Triomph and the tower. We didn't see the bird place though!!!


The Florida Furkids

Clooney said...

Oh Moosey, so cool that you got to go to Paris with all your wonderful buddies! Hey Harry! Love all the pics!

Beatrix said...
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The Island Cats said...

What a fun trip! We're sorry we didn't go. Next time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So much to see and do! We can't even fathom an entire wall of Bird TV! Purrs...