Monday, November 18, 2013

My Movember Mustache - Silver Meow

Hey guys,

You remember my Mustache from Downton Tabby Event? Well to support the Movember, I will do it again! So? What do you think?

Mustache kitty
How do you like my Blue Mustache?
Check me out at the I Love Silver Meow~
Silver Meow


The Florida Furkids said...

Looking Good!!!

Thanks for Participating!!


Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Looking good sweet one. When I see photos of you I think somehow we must be related. We look a lot alike. Hope you had fun with today's fun event.

Swami Zoe said...

It's quite lovely! Me-Ommmmmm

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Looking really good in a blue stash !

Anonymous said...

Blue is GROOVY!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Cherry City Kitties said...

Blue really suits you!

The Whiskeratti said...

Pawsome mustache! We love it.

Basil and The B Team ~ BionicBasil ® said...

Furry fetching facewear!!!

Suits mew furry much :)

bobbybegood1 said...

Ah, pawcks! You look meowvelous dahling. Cheers!!

meowmeowmans said...

We think you're looking darn good, Silver! :)



Timmy Tomcat said...

Such a fine Blue Stache you have Silver.

Mo and The Purries said...

That is pawesome!
Thanks for participating!