Sunday, May 25, 2014


Am I late? I got my ‘stang and I’m ready to burn up the road! Anyone know how to drive stick? This baby is souped up like you wouldn’t believe. I’ll bet it goes a thousand mph! Hate to eat and run but I gotta ZOOOMMM!!!

I’m not a NASCAR type of cat even though they’re having Formula One racing in my little town this summer. Thanx to Raz, Sammy and Gracie for hosting this party.


The Florida Furkids said...

Cool car! Thanks for participating


Kjelle Bus said...

Of course I know how to drive a stick car , I´m swedish you know and stick cars are the only thing we got around here (almost :)


Timmy Tomcat said...

You really are burning up the road KC! If ya got em smoke em MOL!