Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cartoon Mom By Socks

 Well this is Cartoon Mom and she looks kinda like my Mom just younger and skinner. Hope the Mom doesn't see this post.
But then this is what she did to me, so she deserves to have me tell the truth about her. ~Socks


Karen Jo said...

I say Mom's deserve all they get for not giving us everything we want.


meowmeowmans said...

You're right about that, Socks. Turnabout is fair play, right? We think you and your Mom's cartoons are terrific!


Moosey (and my dad)

(A)FSS and Alasandra said...

Thanks guys. ~Socks

meowmeowmans said...

Hi Socks,

We read your comment asking about how we did the dad's cartoon. We used Face your Manga:


We think we saw some buzz cuts and facial hair options there, so maybe it will work for your dad, too!



Oui Oui said...

Poor Socks, but we love how your mom gave you belly buttons! We wish our mom was smart enough to think of that for us.

The Musings Of A Crazy Cat Lady said...

Hi Socks. Our mama saw that website that made her look really thin. She thought it was unfair because she's not too thin any more. Your mama drew you cute! :) Abbi

Marg said...

Hi there Socks, good picture of that great Mom of yours. We love your avatar. Take care.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Ha! We like your human cartoon and your avatar too!